These resources are useful tools to help you navigate through and make better use of services and programs provided by the Procurement Division and related entities.

California Multiple Award Schedules (CMAS) Resources
California Procurement & Contracting Academy (Cal-PCA) Training
The California Procurement & Contracting Academy (Cal-PCA) provides free professional development courses and seminars to the State procurement and contracting community, so they can acquire essential knowledge that will improve the State's contracting processes.

Model Language
Model Language is to be used for all commodity and Information Technology (IT) contracts. 

If the contract you are developing is for non-Information Technology services, please refer to the Department of General Services' Office of Legal Services guidelines.   
Policy Manuals and Handbooks
Purchasing Authority Round Table (PART)
The Purchasing Authority Round Table (PART) is a ground breaking consortium of appointed State Purchasing Authority Contacts aimed to promote open communications with the Department of General Services, Procurement Division (DGS-PD).
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Related Procurement Laws, Regulations and Policies
Small Business & Disabled Veterans Business Enterprises
Standard Contracts and Solicitation Documents
State Contracts Index Listing