Printing Plant relocation inside view of warehouse
View of construction inside future Office of State Publishing Print Plant in leased facility at 885 Riverside Blvd. in West Sacramento, CA.


As part of the Department of General Services (DGS) 10-year sequencing plan, the Office of State Publishing (OSP) print plant located at 344 N. 7th Street in Sacramento is scheduled to be replaced with new state office buildings. Before construction can begin on the new buildings the old OSP print plant needs to be relocated to a new modernized space. The DGS Real Estate Leasing and Planning Section (RELPS) has procured lease space for the new print plant. The RELPS team found the ideal space near downtown Sacramento at 885 Riverside Blvd. in West Sacramento. The building is now being updated and remodeled to accommodate the many different printing machines used to produce all kinds of products from voter guides to informational pamphlets for state departments. The new space is smaller and more efficiently planned than the old plant. In addition to being designed to be energy efficient and LEED Silver certified, the plant will have 14 Electrical Vehicle Charging Stations to accommodate the fleet of electric vehicles used by the OSP. This new state of the art facility will not only save the state time, money and energy but it will transport DGS's printing processes into the future.


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