East State Capitol Annex Entry
East State Capitol Annex Entry


Construction of the East Annex began in 1949 and was completed by 1952. The then-newly built East Annex created offices for the governor, lieutenant governor, legislators, and other state officials. Before the expansion, Assembly and Senate members had to carry out business on the floor of their respective chamber, or any other place they could find.

After more than a half century of use, the Capitol Annex building has reached a critical deterioration point.

Some of the issues that need to be addressed include:

  • ADA accessibility
  • Hazardous materials removal (asbestos, lead, mold)
  • Lack of space for legislative staff Antiquated mechanical, electric and plumbing systems
  • Inefficient and cumbersome spaces for the public
  • Not built to modern safety or building codes

Project details:

The Joint Rules Committee of the California State Legislature will oversee the construction of a State Capitol building annex or the restoration, rehabilitation or reconstruction of the current State Capitol Annex.

Additional information regarding the State Capitol Annex Project may be found via the State Capitol Annex Project website.


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