Railyard shops
The Railyard shops


The Department of General Services RESD/AMB/RPSS Acquisition Review Unit has finalized its activities and received SPWB authorization for the acquisition of property rights and a quit claim of a State Lands Commission encumbrance over a 240-acre area north and adjacent to downtown Sacramento known as the Sacramento Railyards (the Railyards) in Sacramento County for the use of the Department of Parks and Recreation (Parks) as an addition to the Old Sacramento State Historic Park.

Acquisition Includes:

  1. Approximately 3.57 acres in fee ownership subject to Land Use restrictions and activity use limitations (LUCs) (Fee Property), commonly referred to as the “Boiler Shop”, including the transfer table, firing line, and turn table;
  2. A long-term lease with the option to purchase approximately 2.34 acres (Lease Property), commonly referred to as the “Erecting Shop”; and
  3. Approximately 2.16 acres in easements (Easement Property) to facilitate access to-and-from the Fee Property and the Lease Property, as well as the ability to install tracks for moving and displaying railroad cars and engines, among other things. 


This project will allow Parks to continue the repair and maintenance of its historic train stock. Escrow is scheduled to close in 3Q’ 2017. The removal of the State Lands Commission encumbrance will pave the way for the owner of the remainder of the 240-acres to develop a mixed-use hub for entertainment, retail, housing, office, theaters, parks, hotels, and museums. The guiding plan for the area envisions the site to include over one million square feet of retail, 2.3 million square feet of office, a hotel, varying residential housing units, and recreational and cultural uses.


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