O Street Building MultiVista View
MultiVista View of the O Street Building


This project includes demolition of the existing vacant California Department of Food and Agriculture Annex building, abatement and removal of all asbestos and lead materials, and construction of a new, modern office building at 1215 O Street in Sacramento. The new building will be approximately 360,000 total gross square feet, and will include office, assembly, storage, building support, parking, and commercial food service space. The building will have an expected building capacity of 1,150 employees and will house staff from the Health and Human Services Agency, the Department of State Hospitals, and the Department of Developmental Services.


Corner of 12th and O Street


  • Sustainable: the building will be Zero Net Energy and is targeting a LEED Platinum certification. The building will also use 60% less water than a typical office building of its size.
  • Inviting: the building, in addition to office space, will have retail, a multi-vendor food court, and will create an attractive pedestrian plaza.
  • Wellness: the building is designed for employee wellness in mind, including having an emphasis on natural daylight, providing clean, filtered outside air, and the use of solar shading to minimize glare and thermal hot spots.

Project Partners:

  • Criteria Architect: Hammel, Green and Abrahamson (HGA)
  • CEQA Consultants: Ascent Environmental
  • Construction Management Firm: Kitchell
  • Design Build Team: Rudolph and Sletten, partnering with ZGF Architects and Lionakis

Major Project Milestones:

  • Project Started in July 2016
  • CEQA EIR was finalized in July 2017
  • Request for Proposals to Design-Build teams issued in July 2017
  • Design-Builder Selected in November 2017

Next Steps:

  • Issue Notice to Proceed to Rudolph and Sletten
  • Demolition of the Food and Agriculture Annex Building
  • Tenant Programming and Design Charrettes
  • Construction Begins


RESD Headquarters Office

Department of General Services
Real Estate Services Division

707 Third Street, 4th Floor
West Sacramento, California 95605

Main Line: (916) 375-4700
Email: DGSRESDGeneralInquiries@dgs.ca.gov


Project Management & Development Branch

Department of General Services
Real Estate Service Division

707 Third St., 4th Floor
West Sacramento, California 95605

Phone: (916) 376-1700
Email: DGSRESDGeneralInquiries@dgs.ca.gov