Open Office Concept
Open office design concept


Over the last 5 years the Department of General Services (DGS) has been steadily moving towards more sustainable, innovative and collaborative workplaces. Numerous studies have shown that people are happier and more productive when they have natural light, ergonomic workstations and the ability to communicate effectively with coworkers. By lowering workstation panels and moving hard wall offices to the interior we can achieve better communication and natural light can reach more people. We are also encouraging departments to provide adjustable height work surfaces in their cubicles as well as standing height work areas in the open office. Collaboration areas are also important, they provide an opportunity for teamwork, to share ideas, and they get people moving throughout the day.

Real Estate Leasing and Planning Section (RELPS) at DGS procures, designs and manages one of largest leased property portfolios in the country. This portfolio of properties encompases both new and old buildings and RELPS has provided interior designs that embody the sustainable, innovative, and collaborative workplaces environment that DGS has envisioned.


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Department of General Services
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