wind turbines from spikes peak road
Pacheco State Park Wind Turbines from Spikes Peak Road


State Parks inherited the Pacheco property via a probate order which included a Wind Turbine lease of approximately 3,819 acres with International Turbine Research, Inc. (ITR) who decided they no longer wanted to Lease the property once the Lease ends in June 2018. State Parks in collaboration with DGS was tasked with preparing a new bid to find a new Lessee; in addition, State Parks wanted to reduce the Lease area from 3,819 acres to at least 2,129 acres to allow for more recreational use of the property.  There are approximately 161 Wind Turbines on the property in which approximately 15% do not work; the new Lessee had to take into consideration how the company would reduce the footprint, and decommission the current Turbines to install a more energy efficient product.  Upon completion of the bid process, the awarded company was Scout Clean Energy who has over 25 years in the Wind Energy business.  The new lease will be for 35 years total and generate more clean energy and a better return to State Parks.  


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