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August 17, 2018 Posting

Marriott/Starwood Integration

Marriott International acquired Starwood Hotels & Resorts in 2016. As part of the integration, Marriott is migrating Starwood Preferred Guest (SPG) numbers onto their technology platform. On August 18, 2018, traveler's existing Starwood numbers will be removed from Concur. Additionally, in the Concur Travel Profile area, Starwood Super Chain (SW) has been removed and Marriott (EM) will be renamed Marriott (All) (EM) Marriott Rewards/Starwood Preferred Guest.

Action Required:

Concur Traveler Users who have only SPG numbers in their Concur Travel Profile will need to enter their new number into the Marriott (All) (EM) Marriott Rewards/Starwood Preferred Guest field. 

Concur Traveler Users who have both a Marriott rewards number and an SPG number in their profile must choose either their new SPG number or their Marriott rewards number into the Marriott (All) (EM) Marriott Rewards/Starwood Preferred Guest field.

Employees who only have a Marriott Rewards number in their Concur Travel Profile do not need to take any action.

August 29, 2017 Posting

Park 'N Fly Rates - Reminder of 25% Discount off Posted Rates

Government travelers can book parking reservations in Concur Travel at premium off-airport parking facilities and receive a 25% discount off posted Park 'N Fly rates in more than 50 US markets. Travelers can add parking reservations to their Concur Travel itinerary with a single click.  There is no booking fee or cancellation fee for parking reservations made in Concur.  Note: Per PML 2007-024, state employees on authorized travel status should use the least-costly option when parking at airports. However, if an agency/department determines that additional parking costs above the lowest-cost option are in the best interest of the state, a justification explaining the necessity for the additional cost shall be submitted with the employee’s Travel Expense Claim (TEC).

July 17, 2017 Posting

Hilton Cancellation Policy - 48 Hour Minimum

Hilton will update the default house cancel policy to 48-hours (72-hours in select locations) at Hilton properties throughout the United States (including Puerto Rico) and Canada, beginning on July 31. The update will occur on all channels, including the GDS for participating hotels. Refer to the “Rules and Cancellation Policy” to see the new cancellation policy for the applicable rate selected. 

June 29, 2017 Postings

Southwest Changes Refundable Fares Policy

Southwest has a new policy for their fully refundable fares. With this new policy, modifying a fully refundable fare will result in the fare becoming Non-refundable. Non-refundable fares may be applied toward future travel on Southwest Airlines for the originally ticketed passenger only. This means if you change your refundable ticket in any way and then later need to cancel it, you will no longer be able to get your money back but will instead get a travel voucher as if you were canceling a Wanna Get Away fare. If you choose to cancel the flight and rebook (to keep the fully refundable status in effect), keep in mind you will be charged an additional service fee for the new reservation.

Airlines Now Offering Economy Fares with No Frills

Delta, American and United Airlines are now offering “Basic Economy Fares” with other airlines poised to follow. These fares offer a very low price, but are highly restricted and non-refundable, non-reusable. If you choose this fare type, keep in mind the following potential restrictions (based on airline):

* No use of the overhead bin, no carry ons
* No advanced seat selection
* No upgrade eligibility
* No changes or cancellations
* Last to board plane
* Reduced or no reward points

These rates will be available in Concur, and identified as “Basic Economy.” Make sure you know the risks and read all Fare Rules when selecting these flights.

Marriott Changes Cancellation Policy Timelines

For bookings made on/after June 15th, Marriott locations in US, Canada, Caribbean, and Latin America are increasing the minimum standard cancellation deadline. Instead of 24 hours prior to arrival, the new policy is 48 hours prior to arrival.  If a booking isn't cancelled prior to this new time, travelers will be charged a fee equal to: one night room rate plus any taxes and fees.  Limited exceptions will be made for Platinum members, possible weather-related disruptions, and hotel discretion.   This change impacts all brands except Marriott Vacation Worldwide and Design hotels.  

Many Marriott managed locations will keep their aggressive 72 hour cancellation policy, so continue to read the “Rules and Cancellation Policy” to see the new cancellation policy for the applicable rate selected. 


Hotel Cancellation Policies on Concur

Hotel properties are responsible for loading hotel specific content to the Global Distribution System (GDS). All travel agencies and online booking tools pull rate and hotel information from the GDS. Hotels do not specifically sign up with, or deliver content directly to, Concur. If the hotel does not load their cancellation policy information to the GDS, Concur will not have access to pass through or provide that information. If you are cancelling a hotel reservation that was made through Concur, and you do not know the cancellation policy, it is your responsibility to check in with the hotel to make sure you are within the hotel’s cancellation policy timelines or risk the hotel’s cancellation penalty such as one night room and tax charge.