How to Book Southwest Flights via SWABIZ (Southwest Airlines Business Travel Portal)

Travelers: SWABIZ Enrollment

To enroll in SWABIZ, contact your department Travel Program Coordinator.  If you do not know the name of your department Travel Program Coordinator , see the List of Department Travel Program Coordinators (PDF).

Travel Program Coordinators

The Travel Program Coordinator is responsible for assigning new travelers to the department's SWABIZ ghostcard.  If you have any questions or need additional assistance, contact the designated DGS Statewide Travel Program Specialist (PDF).

Payment of Contracted Internet (Variable) Airfares

All departments are required to be enrolled in the SWABIZ program with an established American Express Business Travel Account (BTA).  The department's travel program coordinator is the staff person responsible for setting-up an account and authorizing travelers to use it.  Internet (variable) airfare charges will be automatically billed to your department's BTA.

About Contracted Internet (Variable) Airfares

The contracted Internet (variable) fares are based on Southwest's "Anytime" fare which is a fully refundable, non-restrictive fare.  Southwest Airlines also has "Wanna Get Away" fares and "Business Select" fares.  The "Anytime" fares and "Wanna Get Away" fares offer the best values to state travelers.  The "Business Select" rate is more expensive and should not be used.  For current rates, see SWABIZ at


SWABIZ is the Southwest Airlines website portal used to access the state-contracted airfares.  The state-contracted Internet (variable) fares can be booked through SWABIZ at the CALtravelstore website.