Ground Transportation

Because each department manages its own travel program, policies may differ by department. Contact your Travel Program Coordinator for more information. 

Note:  When determining the mode of transportation, travelers shall use the most economical means of transportation; i.e., taxi, transportation network company, rail, bus, air; state, commercial or privately-owned vehicle. 

Tools for calculating and comparing fares can be found on the internet, i.e., RideGuru

Options for ground transportation services for travelers are listed below.

Transportation Network Company (Like Lyft and Uber)

  • Download the company’s proprietary application and create an account. 
  • Pay by selecting the preferred payment method established on your account, i.e., personal credit, government travel card, PayPal or Google Wallet.  No cash is accepted.
  • Submit a Travel Expense Claim - STD 262  (Interactive PDF) to your department for reimbursement.


Outside the city limits of Sacramento
  • Contact a local taxicab directly.
  • Pay at the time of service with cash or other payment method that the taxicab driver accepts.
  • Submit a Travel Expense Claim - STD 262 (Interactive PDF) to your department for reimbursement.
Within Sacramento city limits 

[You may use your Blue Charge Card or your state agency identification card along with your department's six-digit customer account number for these companies/contacts only.  However, note that OFAM no longer issues new Blue Cards as the Program has been phased out (See Travel Bulletin #10-07.)  For questions regarding the Blue Charge Card, contact your department’s accounting office.]

  • BC Cab, 916.443.3333
  • California Co-op Cab, Inc., 916.444.7777
  • Eddie's Taxi, 916.761.0298
  • James, Fairway Taxi, 916.764.0585
  • National Taxi, 916.455.1111
  • Tim, State Capitol Transportation, 916.847.7922
  • Yellow Cab, 916.444.2222

For other companies/contacts in Sacramento, follow procedures for outside the city limits of Sacramento.


  • Contact the shuttle company (like SuperShuttle) to book a ride.
  • Pay at the time of service with the payment method that the shuttle driver accepts.
  • Submit a Travel Expense Claim - STD 262  (Interactive PDF) to your department for reimbursement.

Bus/Light Rail

  • Visit the transit website (like Yolobus/Regional Transit) for routes, schedules, and fares.
  • Pay with the payment method (exact change or pre-paid ticket) that the bus driver accepts at the time of service. 
  • Submit a Travel Expense Claim - STD 262  (Interactive PDF) to your department for reimbursement.