Asset Management Branch

Real Property Services Section

Michael Butler
, Section Chief
916-375-4149 Fax

The Real Property Services Section (RPSS) provides real estate services related to the acquisition, use and sale of state-owned real estate.

Maureen Geeter, Unit Manager
Project Coordination, Acquisition and Acquisition Review 
Provides acquisition project coordination and Public Works Board staff support. Negotiates with property owners and acquires real property on behalf of the state. Also provides technical consulting services to agencies that acquire property independent of the Department of General Service's authority.  Acts as staff to the State Public Works Board, reviews and approves acquisition transactions subject to State Public Works Board approval.

Jeff Peek, Unit Manager
Transaction Review and Title Due Diligence
Reviews or processes and approves real estate transactions impacting state agencies that do not require State Public Works Board approval. Regulatory support and project assistance is provided to public and private-sector clients covering real estate due diligence, easement conveyances, rights-of-entry, and Government Code §14664 sales.

Matt Keefe, Unit Manager
Appraisal Review
Prepares appraisal reports of public and private property, provides a separate review of appraisals, employs independent appraisals, reviews appraisals of other agencies and approves hiring of fee appraisers by other agencies, and provides relocation assistance/consultation.