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Regional Facilities Plans
Regional facilities plans identify the current and future office space requirements of state agencies in a particular region and evaluate the feasibility of office consolidation alternatives. For information, contact the Asset Planning and Enhancement Branch at 916-376-1829.

Management Memos
  • MM-04-17 Department of General Services Building Occupancy
    The attachment to this MM-04-17 is the new DGS Building Occupancy Policy (PDF).
  • MM-05-17 (supersedes MM-04-18) Assessments Levied by Local Government Agencies.  Procedures to determine if the state is required to participate in proposed or existing Business Improvement or Special Assessment Districts can be found at Business Improvement Districts (PDF).

Meeting Notices


Facilities Development Overview

The Real Estate Services Division (RESD) is offering its Facilities Development Overview training class to interested customers.

RESD has developed this seminar to provide improved coordination between RESD and its customer agencies and to increase the effectiveness, efficiency, quality, and timeliness of the delivery of our services. It is specifically intended for state personnel directly involved with RESD in the planning and development of leased and state-owned facilities.

Listed below are some of the topics covered in the seminar.

  • Initiating the transaction/Form 9.
  • Site Selection-Lease Negotiation/Bid.
  • Planning the Site/Space.
  • Execution of Lease.
  • Construction/Occupancy.
  • Lease Management and Special Projects.
  • Build-to-Suits.
  • Alterations & Furnishings.
  • Alternative Officing.
  • Amendments & Terminations.

We have received positive feedback from customers who have attended our program in the past and we feel confident that all facilities and administrative personnel can benefit from this training.

The program will consist of two consecutive days and is offered 4 times per year.

Please go here for reservations and/or questions concerning the program.