Guide to Leasing Space to the State
As Administered by the Department of General Services (DGS)

Step 1: View the State's Lease Advertisements
You can view all of the State's current advertisements for space needs by clicking the link following this paragraph.  When that site opens, type the number "7760" (without the quotes) in the Department box and type the word "Wanted" (without the quotes) in the Event Name box then click the "Search" button:

    Step 2: Determine if Your Property Fits the State's Guidelines
    Determine if your property meets the State's needs by answering the following questions:
    • Is it located in the site boundaries?
    • Is there adequate space available in your building? (note that the State leases on a net usable square foot basis instead of rentable square foot)
    • Is the building LEED certified or Energy Star Compliant? The State of California will, where cost effective, give preference to those buildings which demonstrate LEED or Energy Star Compliance. Please refer to for further details.
    • Does the space meet all State Lease Requirements? (see the following link below)

    Step 3: Review the State's Leasing Process
    Listed below are some important lease issues:
    • DGS leases space on a net usable square foot (not rentable square foot).
    • DGS desires full service rates which include utilities, janitorial and maintenance services.
    • DGS requires that the Lessor includes in his lease rate a Tenant Improvement (“TI”) allowance.
    • The State pays monthly rent in arrears.
    • DGS does not enter into binding letters of intent.
    • DGS requires that the standard State lease form be used.
    • The State has lease requirements pertaining to ADA, structural evaluation, DVBE and CEQA requirements.  Depending on the age of the building, asbestos and lead criteria might also be a factor.


    Step 4: Respond to the Advertisement
    Now that you have determined that your property fits the State's needs, respond to the contact information on the advertisement before the specified deadline date. DGS will analyze all responses submitted before the deadline date and contact all prospective listings.


    Step 5: Viewing the Property
    DGS will review all prospective listings and narrow the listings in anticipation of site visits.


    Step 6: DGS Will Request Lease Proposals
    DGS will review all toured properties and request formal lease proposals from the selected sites.