Project Management and Development Branch  

Energy and Sustainability Program

Howard Sacks, PE
Capital Outlay Program Manager
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707 3rd Street, 4th Floor
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Sustainability Unit
Glenn Connor
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Energy Retrofit Unit
Valerie Keisler


The Energy and Sustainability Program provides research and project implementation for green and sustainable projects and buildings. Their services include Clean Renewable Energy Projects, Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) Programs, Zero Net Energy (ZNE) Building Design Program, Electric Vehicle Charging Program, Grid Based Energy Liaison and LEED and Sustainability Consultation. Their mission is to progressively move state agencies towards compliance with the administration’s sustainability initiatives.

Energy Efficient State Property Revolving Fund Progress Reports

Periodically, the Department of General Services prepares a report that reflects the progress that has occurred since the creation of the Energy Efficient State Property Revolving Fund. 
  • ARRA Status Report 01-01-13
  • ARRA Status Report 08-25-12
  • ARRA Status Report 06-30-12
  • ARRA Status Report 04-26-12 
  • ARRA Status Report 03-27-12
  • ARRA Status Report 02-23-12
  • ARRA Status Report 01-23-12
  • ARRA Status Report 12-21-11 
  • ARRA Status Report 11-28-11
  • ARRA Status Report 10-26-11
  • ARRA Status Report 09-22-11
  • ARRA Status Report 08-18-11
  • ARRA Status Report 07-21-11
  • ARRA Status Report 06-24-11
  • ARRA Status Report 05-27-11
  • ARRA Status Report 04-21-11
  • ARRA Status Report 03-28-11
  • ARRA Status Report 02-24-11
  • ARRA Status Report 01-18-11
  • ARRA Status Report 12-15-10
  • ARRA Status Report 11-12-10
  • ARRA Status Report 10-14-10
  • ARRA Status Report 09-29-10
    • Contract Requirements for Federally-Funded Projects

      Projects that receive all or partial funding from the Energy Efficient State Property Revolving Fund are subject to certain federal requirements. Loan recipients must include these requirements in all solicitation and contract documents associated with their projects. The following documents contain the necessary language and attachments to ensure compliance with federal laws.

      This exhibit should accompany all solicitations and contracts for prime contractors: 
      ARRA Loan Fund Recipient Federal Pass-Through Exhibit 

      Prime contractors must pass most, but not all, of the federal requirements through to their subcontractors and vendors. This exhibit should accompany all solicitations and contracts that a loan recipient’s prime contractor issues: 
      ARRA Loan Fund Vendor Federal Pass-Though Exhibit

      Statewide Energy Retrofit Program

      Under the statutory authority of Public Utilities Code Section 388, the Special Programs Section has established a pool of qualified energy service companies (ESCOs) that are available to do energy retrofits using an energy savings contract. 
    • 2012 ESCO Pool
    • General Conditions of the Contract for Construction