Capitol Area Publications

In July 1997, the director of the Department of General Services (DGS) approved an update to the 1977 Capitol Area Plan which, by law, is the official state master plan for development in the Capitol Area. The Capitol Area Plan provides for the orderly development of the state’s office facilities on state-owned land in a statutorily-defined, geographic area to the south, east, and west of the State Capitol Building and Capitol Park.  The DGS is responsible for the administration of the Capitol Area Plan, including updates as required, and also retains responsibility for the implementation of the office and parking elements. The Capitol Area Development Authority (CADA), a state of California and city of Sacramento joint powers authority retains the responsibility for the implementation of the housing and retail/commercial elements.

DGS annually prepares the Capitol Area Plan Progress Report to describe the significant progress made in realizing the development goals set forth in the 1997 Capitol Area Plan.