Real Estate Services Division

  • Asset Management
  • Project Management
  • Architecture and Engineering
  • Construction & Inspection
  • Environmental
  • Leasing & Planning
  • Real Property
  • Energy and Sustainability

Asset Management

The Asset Management Branch (AMB) is your initial point of contact to request RESD services. As the state’s real estate asset manager, AMB maintains a strategic overview of state-owned and leased property, prepares long-term occupancy forecasts and implementation strategies for future state office requirements, and identifies and implements value enhancement solutions for unused or underutilized state-owned properties.
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Project Management

The Project Management and Development Branch (PMDB) provides project management services for large or complex real estate projects. PMDB manages the design and construction process on behalf of state agencies and departments. PMDB assists state agencies and departments in developing conceptual documents for cost and budget control, programming, site planning and master planning for capital outlay projects that are necessary to obtain legislative authorization and funding projects.
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Architecture and Engineering

PMDB provides in-house architecture, engineering, facilities planning and interior design services for state agencies and other clients:
Facilities planning and interior design
Civil & Structural engineering
Mechanical / plumbing engineering
Electrical engineering
Landscape architecture
Cost engineering
Graphic design
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Construction & Inspection

The Construction Services Section (CSS) provides construction and inspections for state agencies:
Construction Management
Quality Assurance Inspection and Testing
Code inspection to ensure compliance with applicable building codes and regulations
After-Contract Guarantee enforcement and dispute resolution
Direct Construction
Rapid Design and Construction
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The Environmental Services Unit (ESU) provides environmental planning services for state agencies:
CEQA and NEPA documents:
EIR/EIS, ND/FONSI, exemptions/exclusions
Development permits and consultation with regulatory agencies, SWPPP.
Studies including: Biology, Cultural/Historic Resources, Hazardous Materials Assessments, Traffic, Community Outreach, mitigation plans and monitoring.
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Leasing and Planning

The Real Estate Leasing and Planning Section (RELPS) works with building owners, investors, and property managers to lease space to state agencies in property that is not owned by the state of California. With over 1,800 active leases and 20 million square feet of leased space throughout the state of California, RELPS has a proven track record in delivering quality space that meets all state leasing standards and administering lease management solutions for state agencies.
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Real Property

The Real Property Services Section (RPSS) provides products and reviews for projects involving state agencies or state land:
Appraisals and Appraisal Review.
Acquisitions and Acquisition Review.
Leasing (State-owned and telecommunication leases).
Real property transactions including easements, transfers of jurisdiction.
Land title review and analysis.
Staff to State Public Works Board (SPWB).
Relocation Assistance (RAP).
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Energy and Sustainability Programs

The Energy and Sustainability Programs Unit (ESU) develops and oversees programs that increase energy efficiency, energy conservation, and renewable energy generation. ESU provides the tools departments need to finance and contract for projects that improve or reduce their facilities’ energy usage and carbon footprint. Implementation of these energy and sustainability projects can be managed by departments that have authority to do so, or by DGS staff.
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