Building Property & Management Branch

Jemahl Ämen, Branch Chief (A)
916-376-1695 -- Fax 916-376-6219

Lisa Lambeth, Assistant Chief, RESD
916-322-1659 -- Fax 916-323-0650

Greg Simmons, Assistant Chief, RESD
619-688-0200 -- Fax 619-688-0203

Morris Taylor, Assistant Chief, RESD
510-622-2564 -- Fax 510-622-2571

The Building and Property Management Branch provides building management and administration, operations, maintenance, janitorial, groundskeeping, and repair services necessary to support the state's real estate assets. It includes an environmental health and safety unit which provides support services for meeting or exceeding regulatory compliance with asbestos, lead, chemical exposures, indoor air quality, hazardous waste, ergonomics, and other issues. It is responsible for managing state-owned buildings and properties in geographic locations where it is cost effective to do so.

Operations Support Section

Nancy Galindo, Staff Services Manager III, BPM Admin
916-441-9668 -- Fax 916-323-0650

Thomas Soteros-McNamara, Staff Services Manager II, BPM Fiscal
916-441-9667 -- Fax 916-323-0650

Amy Applegate, Staff Services Manager II, BPM Training
916-441-9665 -- Fax 916-323-0650

Rob’n Bennett, Staff Services Manager II, BPM Contracts
916-376-1750 -- Fax 916-323-0650

Listing of BPM Building Managers/Facilities- updated 5/20/2014