eProcurement is the portal for the California State Contracts Register (CSCR), the State Contracting and Procurement Registration System (SCPRS), the online Small Business and Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise (DVBE) queries and the statewide Leveraged Procurement Agreements (LPAs).  These systems have a new look and feel and can only be accessed through the new web-based eProcurement system. For assistance, please contact DGS SA's at or (916) 375-2000.

For Small Business certification or any questions regarding Small Business, please contact the Office of Small Business (OSDS) and Disabled Veterans Business Enterprises (DVBE) at or 916-375-4940.

About eProcurement (eP)

The Procurement Division has contracted with an application service provider, BidSync (formerly RFP Depot), to host its web-based procurement system. The system accommodates state, supplier, and local government users.  The system has full procurement capability, including:

  • Requisition and solicitation development
  • State contract advertisement
  • Electronic (and paper) supplier bid/proposal submittal
  • Bid proposal/bid evaluation and award
  • Approval workflows
  • Transaction and workload status tracking
  • Direct purchasing from the State's LPA catalog
  • Contract management

Note regarding BidSync website : If you are having difficulties with viewing or operating the application please try accessing the application via the Chrome web browser

Access eProcurement (eP)

eP ToolBox

Bidding Opportunities

Small Business & Disabled Veterans Business Enterprise Services

State Contracting & Procurement Registration System (SCPRS)

The State Contract and Procurement Registration System (SCPRS) was established in 2003, as a centralized database of information on State contracts and purchases over $5000. 

For more information, please see Management Memo 03-09.

To view SCPRS data:

  • Public Access Data (Updated Weekly) - for the General Public  
  • State User Reports - for State Users Only  This feature requires an eP Username and Password.  To obtain access, contact your system administrator.  Reporting based on transactions prior to 03/16/09.

If you are a supplier seeking contract opportunities with the State, please go the California State Contracts Register. 

View Statewide Contracts

eProcurement Resources

For State Personnel

State personnel users should contact their Department eP System Administrator to be added as a new user, modify user privileges, troubleshoot eP issues, and to make training arrangments. 

eProcurement Logons
eProcurement will require a user logon for advertising CSCR ads and entering procurement and contracting data into the SCPRS system (for all applicable State departments).  If your department has not yet set up your user logons in the new eProcurement system you will not have access to the above critical procurement services. 
Is it mandatory to use eProcurement?

All mandatory State laws and policies associated with the California State Contracts Register (CSCR) and the State Contracting and Procurement Registration System (SCPRS) remain in effect.  Since these two functions will be housed in the eProcurement (eP) system, department/agency users that must or choose to post information in the CSCR and the SCPRS will need a user logon.  (See section below regarding Registering Your Department for eProcurement Access.)

Is there a fee to use eProcurement?

There is no charge to use the eP.  However, all existing DGS-PD administrative fees remain in effect.

How to register your department for eProcurement access

All State departments using eP must establish a department profile.  To accomplish this, the department must identify a primary and backup System Administrator (SA), which should be submitted to  In addition to other responsibilities as listed on the eProcurement Roles and Responsibilities, the SA will establish and maintain the department's user privileges as determined by the department. The SA is not required to have an information technology background. Here's the list of current department System Administrators.

Establishing user profiles 

DGS-PD eProcurement will assist each department with their initial department and user profile setup.  The SAs will be responsible for maintaining user profiles beyond that.  Each department must attend eProcurement training prior to receiving user logons.  Use this template to identify your users and their user privileges.  The SA should email the completed worksheet to

Is a user logon needed to just view iems in eProcurement?

A user logon is not needed to view the CSCR, the SCPRS, the SB/DVBE search tool, or the Leveraged Procurement Agreements (LPAs). 

Overview of eProcurement System (PowerPoint Presentation)

eProcurement Quick User Guides

eProcurement Illustrated User Manuals

Frequently Asked Questions

The eProcurement team has compiled some frequently asked questons. Below are links to previously published questions and answers, as well as new questions and answers.

    For Suppliers / Vendors / Contractors:

    eProcurement Registration Training