State Contracting Manual (SCM), Volume FI$Cal

State Contracting Manual (SCM), Volume FI$Cal is provided as a resource to those persons in California state government who are involved in the State's procurement of non-IT and IT goods and services, and are using the FI$Cal (Financial Information System for California). It provides the policies, procedures and methods to promote sound business decision practices in securing necessary goods and services for the State. The information is not intended to cover every situation which may be encountered during procurement. Interpretation and application of the policy and procedures to unique situations is the responsibility of the Department of General Services.

Chapter 1 - Purchasing Authority

Chapter 2 - Procurement Planning

Chapter 3 - Socioeconomic and Environmental Programs

Chapter 4 - Competitive Acquisition Methods

Chapter 5 - Leveraged Procurement Agreements

Chapter 6 - Non-Competitive Bids

Chapter 7 - Protests

Chapter 8 - Disbursements, Financing, and Payment Programs

Chapter 9 - Post Award Activities


Entire SCM - FI$Cal as one, unified PDF document




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