The Office of Policies, Procedures and Legislation (OPPL)

The Office of Policies, Procedures and Legislation (OPPL) develops, maintains, and disseminates uniform statewide acquisition policies and procedures.

The OPPL was established based upon the following events:

  • In 2002, Governor Davis issued Executive Order D-55-02 creating the Governor's Task Force on Contracting and Procurement Review.
  • In the Governor's Task Force report, Recommendation #7 requires the Department of General Services (DGS) to develop a uniform set of policies, procedures, and processes for contracting and procurement activities.
  • To implement procurement reform recommendation #7, the Procurement Division (PD) engaged a consulting firm through a competitive procurement process to:
    1. conduct a diagnostic review of the current purchasing environment 
    2. identify inconsistencies and gaps in current policies, procedures and processes 
    3. make recommendations on roles and responsibilities, and 
    4. prepare implementation plans to identify tasks through project completion.
  • A key recommendation of the CORE Report was the establishment of a new OPPL reporting to the Assistant Deputy Director at the Procurement Division.

About OPPL

The Legislative Services Unit coordinates Procurement Division's legislative agenda and its commitment to reforming the laws governing the State of California's acquisition of goods and information technology goods and services. This includes developing legislative bills to be sponsored by the Department of General Services, tracking bills as they progress through the legislative process, and suggesting amendments to bills proposed by others that affect procurement and contracting.

The OPPL has a unique staffing structure, designed to ensure current knowledge of the procurement issues facing the State of California.

OPPL staff assignments may be 24 months and rotational.   Rotational staff are chosen from the Procurement Division's experienced purchasing professionals who possess a broad range of acquisition experience, and represent a variety of Procurement Division programs. 


Contact OPPL

OPPL Email

Bob Door (Manager) 
Phone: 916.375.4347


Martin Reynaga (Policy)
Phone: 916.375.4354


Gregory Davis (Policy) 
Phone: 916.376.5363

Tracy Plessas (Policy) 
Phone: 916.617.3663

Robert Cosgrove (Legislation) 
Phone: 916.375.4012

Iran Contracting Act

The Department of General Services is publishing the list of companies prohibited from contracting with public entities in California as required by public contract code section § 2200-2207.

The list of companies prohibited from doing business with public entities in California can be found here.
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