SCPRS Upload Process, Education, and Resources (SUPER)

The eProcurement team (also known as the SUPER Team) administers and monitors various areas of digital procurement including:

  • Cal eProcure Support
  • Acquisition Method Discrepancies
  • Billing Discrepancies
  • FI$Cal SCPRS Adoption Data
  • Item Master File Uploads
  • SCPRS and CSCR Help Desk and Data Mine 
  • Super Tool Distribution and Training

Use the drop down menus below for more information about each task.

Cal eProcure Support

The eProcurement Unit provides support for California's new online marketplace portal, Cal eProcure. Staff can assist users in:

  • How to navigate the site
  • How to conduct event, contract, SCPRS or SB/DVBE searches
  • How to begin bidder registration

For more information, please visit our Cal eProcure Support Page.

What is SCPRS and SUPER?

SCPRS is the State Contract and Procurement Registration System

SUPER is the SCPRS Upload Process, Education and Resources.

SUPER is the team that assists with SCPRS. 

Acquisition Method Discrepancies (AMD)

Each month, SCPRS data is verified for the month prior, and any purchase orders (POs) which do not match their contracts are flagged for notification. Buyers are contacted by email and provided all the information needed to make their corrections. 

AMDs ensure that POs entered into the FI$CAL System accurately reflects the contracts they are connected to, thus ensuring departments are billed correctly.

Billing Discrepancies

Each month, SCPRS Data is verified for the month prior and any purchase order that may seem unusual (fractionalized quantities, excessive costs, lower than normal rates, bulk item descriptions, etc.) are flagged for notification. Buyers are contacted by email and asked to justify their purchase or make corrections. 

Billing Audits ensure that departments are upholding Executive Order B-12-11 to provide accurate transparency of purchases to the public.

FI$Cal Adoption and Reporting Data

Effective July 1, 2016, Department of General Services (DGS) issued Management Memo (MM 16-03) as a requirement to report all acquisitions of goods and services, regardless of dollar amount in Fl$Cal Contracting Procurement Registration System (SCPRS). This requirement is irrespective of “Go Live” dates and “Exempt” or “Deferred” departments. 

Since then we have begun monitoring of adoption rate of this new SCPRS requirement. Included in these spreadsheets are Departments SCPRS entries from the BidSync to Fi$Cal transition.  If you notice your department is not reporting as it should, please contact DGS eProcurement unit to assist you with meeting your reporting requirement at: or 916-375-2000.

SCPRS Reporting Data - Mid Year Report - Q1&2 - SFY 17 Vs. SFY 18 (Bar Graphs)

SCPRS Reporting Data - Quarter 3 (July-April) SFY 17 - SFY 18

*NEW* SCPRS Reporting Data - SFY 2017 vs. SFY 2018 (Bar Graphs and PO Counts Included)

Item Master File Uploads

Provide assistance to state agencies on the proper use of PD’s FI$Cal SCPRS and CSCR custom modules and administer and manage the statewide procurement contract items master list within FI$Cal.

SCPRS and CSCR Data Help Desk/Data Mining

The State Contract & Procurement Registration System (SCPRS) and California State Contracts Register (CSCR) tracks overall total contracting dollars and contracts procured by the State of California. Each week, SUPER Team staff will post data for the public to view. The data posted is for informational purposes only. 

For more information visit our SCPRS Data Page.

SUPER Tool Distribution and Training

For departments that are not live in FI$Cal, or those that are live but have a large number of SCPRS transactions in backlog, the SUPER Team has created The SUPER Tool. 

The SUPER Tool allows departments to make massive uploads at once into the FI$Cal system. Anywhere from 1 or 50,000 entries! Completed with drop down menus and color coding, the SUPER Tool is a quick and easy way to get caught up on your SCPRS transaction backlog!

For more information, visit our SUPER Tool Page.

Statewide Contracting & Procurement Data Dashboards

The Intake and Analysis Unit (IAU) designed dashboards to promote governmental transparency by making state contract and procurement information readily available to the public.

Contact Us

For any questions regarding the SUPER Tool, video, and/or SCPRS questions, please contact the eProcurement SUPER Team at: or 916.375.2000

For questions related to FI$Cal access or the FI$Cal system, please contact the FI$Cal Service Center (FSC) at: or 855.347.2250