The SCPRS Public Access Data is available for informational purposes only.  To confirm the accuracy of the data contained herein, you must contact the awarding agency to obtain the actual contract information.
eSCPRS represents the data captured in the State's new eProcurement (eP) system as of March 16, 2009.    
SCPRS represents the data from our previous system from March 15, 2009 back to July 2003.  SCPRS data files are separated by "Contract Types."
NOTE: Contract Type(s) classifications in old SCPRS are now classified in eSCPRS as "Acquisition Type" and "Acquisition Method."
Contract Types:

1.    Information Technology (IT) Goods
2.    IT Services
3.    IT Consulting Services
4.    Non-IT Goods
5.    Non-IT Services
6.    Non-IT Consulting Services
7.    Public Works
8.    Architectural and Engineering Services
9.    Interagency Agreements
10.  Grants and Subventions
11.  Memberships and Sponsorships
12.  Other Public Entities

All IT Contract (Types 1-3)

All Non-IT Contract (Types 4-6)

All Other Contract Types (7-12)

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State Contract & Procurement Registration System (SCPRS) Data

The State Contract & Procurement Registration System (SCPRS) tracks overall total contracting dollars procured by the State of California.  The SCPRS data is in Microsoft Excel (.xlsx) format and is accessible below. 

To accommodate the large amounts of data, the data has been separated into smaller sections.