SCPRS Upload Process, Education, and Resources (SUPER)

The SCPRS Upload Process, Education and Resources (SUPER) Tool is an Excel template available for departments that wish to upload large numbers of transactions into the FI$Cal SCPRS system at one time. Departments that are live in FI$Cal do not need to perform separate SCPRS entries, as the FI$Cal system collects SCPRS data automatically.

The SCPRS Upload Tool will be used by Departments that are not live in FI$Cal, or those that are live, but have a large number of backlog SCPRS transactions which occurred prior to their FI$Cal go live date, and were not previously entered into BidSync or FI$Cal.


Using the SUPER Tool


Departments can begin using the SUPER Tool by emailing the SCPRS Upload Process, Education, & Resources (SUPER) Team at: 

The DGS – eProcurement SUPER Team will be available to assist all departments that choose to use this SUPER Tool.


When emailing the SUPER Team with your request to use the SUPER Tool, you will be required to provide the following:

  • Identify which individuals in your department will be performing the SCPRS Upload into the FI$Cal system. (First name, last name, email, and phone number)
  • Ensure these users have the SCPRS Processor Role in the FI$Cal system
  • Confirm each user has watched the SUPER Video (Coming Soon)
    • The SUPER Video is a short video that shows detailed directions on how to populate the required SCPRS transaction data onto the SUPER Tool.

Upon confirmation that the listed users have the required FI$Cal role and have watched the SUPER Video (coming soon), users will be provided the SUPER Tool. The department will populate their SCPRS data and email the completed SUPER Tool to the SUPER Team. The SUPER Team will review formatting requirements and convert the file for upload. The department will receive the CSV file and perform the SCPRS Upload into the FI$Cal system.

SCPRS Adoption Data

Effective July 1, 2016, Department of General Services (DGS) issued Management Memo (MM 16-03) as a requirement to report all acquisitions of goods and services, regardless of dollar amount in Fl$Cal Contracting Procurement Registration System (SCPRS). This requirement is irrespective of “Go Live” dates and “Exempt” or “Deferred” departments. 

Since then we have begun monitoring of adoption rate of this new SCPRS requirement. Included in these spreadsheets are Departments SCPRS entries from the BidSync to Fi$Cal transition.  If you notice your department is not reporting as it should, please contact DGS eProcurement unit to assist you with meeting your reporting requirement at: or 916-375-2000.

SCPRS Adoption Data - Calendar Year 2015 Vs. Calendar Year 2016

Q3 (Jan - Mar) SCPRS Adoption Data - Department LookUp

Assistance and Support

If you are a department that would like to use the SUPER Tool to enter your SCPRS transactions into FI$Cal, the DGS SUPER Team is available to assist you.

eProcurement recommended solutions and other resources to assist with entering your SCPRS transactions into FI$Cal are provided below:

Should you need further assistance with UNSPSC, please email:

Contact Us

For any questions regarding the SUPER Tool, video, and/or SCPRS Upload, please contact the SUPER Team at: or 916.375.2000

For questions related to FI$Cal access or the FI$Cal system, please contact the FI$Cal Service Center (FSC) at: or 855.347.2250

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