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The Department of General Services, Procurement Division has established nationally recognized, award-winning financing and acquisition payment programs that serve all California governmental entities.  Working with our qualified third-party lenders, the State Financial Marketplace provides agencies with flexible and streamlined programs while leveraging better than commercial rates to meet their business and budget needs.

These programs include: the Golden State Financial Marketplace (GS $Mart), a purchase finance program; Lease $Mart, a lease finance program; and, Energy $Mart, an Energy Management finance program.

GS $Mart

GS $Mart, pronounced "G S Smart", is an innovative acquisition finance program designed to facilitate State of California agencies and local governments with installment or lease purchases, while meeting all requirements of a competitively bid process.

Through the GS $Mart program, acquisition financing can be arranged for the following:

  • IT and IT projects
  • Vehicles
  • Lab Equipment
  • Furniture
  • Energy savings projects (Energy $Mart)
  • Other acquisitions for goods and services
For more information, visit GS $Mart.

Lease $Mart

Lease $Mart, pronounced "Lease Smart", is a leasing marketplace that offers a viable framework for state and local government agencies to quickly access the services of leasing companies.

For more information, go to Lease $Mart.

FI$Cal Customers

For state agency customers using the GS $Mart program and transacting in FI$Cal, please use the following aids:

FI$Cal Job Aid and Flow Chart coming soon!

For more information, contact Kris Bianchini @ (916) 617-3659 or


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