Draft Proposed & Archived Contracts

The Department of General Services is making available to all organizations that represent state employees full copies of proposed contracts prior to execution pursuant to the requirements of Government Code Section 19132 as recently amended by Assembly Bill 906 (Pan) (Statutes of 2013, Chapter 774.) 

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Contract Naming Convention

The filename of the proposed contract contains key information separated by decimal points:

CR.Contract Number.Program.Type of Request.Vendor.Date Uploaded.pdf

CR. All proposed contracts to be designated as CR, representing that it is a Contract Request and not an awarded contract.

Contract Number. This number will be used to track the request, and subsequently the contract, throughout the life of the project and for archiving purposes.

Program. The requesting DGS Program will be identified by their two to five letter initials, i.e. BPM for “Building and Property Management” or OFAM for “Office of Fleet and Asset Management”.

Type of Request. A simple one to three word description of the work being requested, i.e. “integrated pest management” or “elevator maintenance”.

Vendor. The name of the vendor is only included in the proposed contract name when a vendor has been identified after the department has declared an emergency and a vendor has already been selected.

Date Uploaded. The date the proposed contract is uploaded and available for viewing.

What's New