Small Business & Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise Advocate Information

State agencies with annual expenditures over $100,000 have available to small business and Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise (DVBE) suppliers, a liaison to help them resolve contracting issues with the state.  The small business & DVBE advocate's duties must at minimum, include the following services:
  • Make information regarding pending solicitations available to, and consider offers from, California small business suppliers capable of meeting the state's business need.
  • Ensure that payments due on a contract with a small business are made promptly, as provided for in Government Code, Section 927 et seq.  For more information, see the Prompt Payment Program
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Small Business and DVBE Advocates Directory

The SB/DVBE Advocates Directory (MS Excel) is updated on a weekly basis.

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Program Information - Advocate Toolkit

  • Program Overview (PDF) 
  • Chapter 1: Roles and Responsibilities (PDF) 
  • Chapter 2: Program Planning (PDF)
  • Chapter 3: Policy Statements (PDF)
  • Chapter 4: Legislation (PDF)
  • Chapter 5: Small Business Program (PDF)
  • Chapter 6: DVBE Program (PDF)
  • Chapter 7: Training and Information Requests (PDF)
  • Chapter 8: Outreach (PDF)


  • Department of Water Resources DVBE Exemption Policy Statement (PDF)
  • Mentor Checklist (PDF)
  • SB/DVBE Advocate Training Plan (PDF)
  • Tool Kit Glossary (PDF)

     Examples of DVBE Incentives

  • Program Subsitutions and Abuse (PDF)
  • Increasing SB & DVBE Contracting Participation (PDF)
  • State Agency Recognition Award Best Practices (PDF)
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      Please update your Advocate contact information if you are no longer you department's advocate; need to update your information; or are replacing a current advocate using the form below:

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