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Notice of Rulemaking

New Broadcast: Announcing Adoption of Certified Small Business Rule Amendments: P-08-17

Small Business Regulations

The Department of General Services, Procurement Division, Office of Small Business & Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise Services (OSDS), in accordance with the requirements of the Administrative Procedure Act, has revised California Code of Regulations (CCR) Sections 1896 – 1896.22, Title 2, Division 2, Chapter 3, Subchapter 8; Office of Small Business Procurement and Contracts. This CCR is also known as the Small Business (SB) regulations.  The regulatory amendment incorporated legislation chaptered between 2005 through 2015, deleted obsolete terms and, where applicable, ensured Small Business and Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise regulatory consistency.  Opportunities for public input occurred and a hearing was conducted as the links below specified.  The rule changes substantially described in the 6/17/2016 initial notice and in a 11/10/16 re-notice, were filed with the Secretary of State and became effective on 1/23/2017.

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