Contract Activity Reports

The Department of General Services, Procurement Division, Office of Small Business and DVBE Services (OSDS) prepares a Consolidated Annual Report (CAR) that combines award statistics each year:  To accomplish this, State agencies, departments, boards, commissions and other entities must provide a CAR to the DGS Reports Coordinator annually by August 1st.

All reports requirement, forms and instructions for CAR can be found below:

Consolidated Annual Report (Current FY 2016-17)

Consolidated Annual Report (FY 2015-16)

Consolidated Annual Report (FY 2014 - 2015)

Consolidated Annual Reports (FY 2009 - 2014)

Training & Requirements

  • Annual Reports Training Webinar (2017) (MP4) (PDF)
  • Annual Report Training (MS PowerPoint)
  • Background (PDF)
  • STD 810 Training (PDF)
  • STD 810S Training (PDF)
  • STD 810A Training (PDF)
  • STD 810C Training (PDF)
  • STD 810E Training (PDF)
  • Annual Report Requirements (MS Word)
  • Frequently Asked Questions (MS Word)
  • Consolidated Annual Reports Forms & Instructions

    All reporting entities are required to submit a cover memo with their consolidated reports.  It must explain:

    • What state organizational entities are included in the report (particularly any boards, commissions, conservancies, campuses, laboratories, etc.).  Identify any entities that report independently but are related to an agency or department.
    • SB/MB and DVBE participation trends over the last three years (including the current fiscal year being reported) and whether the participation trend was improving or declining.
    • Explain the effect of anomalies on the total dollars awarded and SB/MB and DVBE participation.
    • Review of all prior year Improvement Plan items enacted and action's effect on participation goals.



    Contracting Activity Report (FORM 810)  
    Form (MS Excel)   Instructions (MS Word)

    NEW! SB/DVBE Participation Improvement Plan (PDF)

    Infrastructure Bond Activity Report (FORM 810A) 
    Form (MS Excel)   Instructions (MS Word)

    Consulting Services Report (FORM 810C) 
    Form (MS Excel)   Instructions (MS Word)

    SB/DVBE Option and DVBE Incentive Report (FORM 810S)
    Form (MS Excel)   Instructions (MS Word)

    Ethnicity, Race, Gender and Sexual Orientation (ERGSO) Report (FORM 810E)
    Form (MS Excel)   Instructions (MS Word)  
    Voluntary Statistic Data Sheet (VSDS) (MS Word)

    DVBE Subcontracting Forms & Instructions (Effective 07/01/2014)

    DVBE Subcontracting Forms Training


    DVBE Subcontracting Forms Training (Updated 2018) (PPT)
    DVBE Subcontracting Training FAQs (PDF)
    Training Handout (PDF)

    Departments DVBE Subcontracting Form (FORM 810D)
    Form (MS Excel)  Instructions (MS Word)

    Prime DVBE Subcontracting Form
    Form (MS Excel)  Instructions (MS Word)

    Contact OSDS

    Submit Consolidated Annual Report questions to:

    For previous Consolidated Annual Reports, go to Legislative Affairs.
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