Office of Small Business & Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise Services (OSDS)

The DGS PD, Office of Small Business and DVBE Services (OSDS) is the state's certifying agency that administers the small business and DVBE certification programs. 

In addition, the Outreach Section assists small and disabled veteran businesses by participating in outreach events, providing resource guidance and supporting the businesses through advocacy.

Office of Small Business & Disabled Veteran Business Enterprises Scorecard

The Office of Small Business (SB) and DVBE Services team provides customers efficient services.  View the current number of certified SBs and DVBEs, their industry types, and the average time it takes to process a new application.
*Source: FI$Cal, 11/1/2017
**Source: OSDS Internal Tracking



SB / SB-PW / DVBE Certification Program

Search for SB / DVBE Suppliers

The Department of General Services, Procurement Division's (DGS-PD) eProcurement system helps to locate numerous Small Business (SB) and Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise (DVBE) Suppliers. 

To assist in finding a specific vendor, below are several helpful hints:

  • Use Business Name OR Supplier ID - not both.
  • For best results, also include a Keyword and select a Service Area - leave all other fields blank.
  • To create a printable list of your search results, click "Generate PDF" or "Generate Export List (CSV Format)," located above your search results.

To find an SB and/or DVBE Supplier, go to Small Business and DVBE firm search.

To find a SB-PW Supplier, go to SB-PW firm search.

Non-profit/NVSA Programs

DVBE and Small Business Program Violations and Sanctions


California law permits the State to impose various sanctions on contractors, and in some cases, specific individuals (principals in the business), including prohibiting contractors from doing business with the State for specified periods of time under certain circumstances. Sanctions will result particularly in cases where small business (SB) and/or Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise (DVBE) certification was fraudulently obtained and/or misused in a State bid or contracting situation. They can also result from finding that a firm does not perform a "commercially useful function" or "CUF", as defined. SB and DVBE regulations further support the State's legal authority to enforce sanctions.

Commercially Useful Function (CUF)

Suspended Firm Listing

The law requires that contractors and persons who have been determined to be in violation that resulted in suspension be identified on a list made available to State Buyers and the public. See List of Suspended Firms.

"Suspended" means a firm (contractor, subcontractor, supplier, subsidiary, or affiliate) has been deemed as violating State small business or DVBE certification laws in conjunction with State contracting laws. The suspended firm(s) and its principal(s) are prohibited from entering into a State project or contract until all imposed penalties, costs, and attorney fees are satisfied.

"Debarred" means a firm (contractor, subcontractor, supplier, subsidiary, or affiliate) is prohibited from entering into a State project or contract and from further bidding to the State as a contractor, subcontractor or supplier. The debarred firm has previously been found to be in violation under CG 14842.5(a) and has a subsequent violation under the same section within a three-year period.

  • Awarding departments will check the suspension list to ensure a contractor or subcontractor is not under suspension or debarred from State contracting.
  • No awarding department will enter into any contract with any business and/or person identified in the listing during the business' and/or person's suspension period.
  • No awarding department will award a contract to any contractor utilizing the services of a suspended subcontractor during the suspended subcontractor's suspension or debarment period.

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