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Cal eProcure is now open for business

The California Department of General Services and the Financial Information System for California (FI$Cal) are pleased to announce the release of the Cal eProcure vendor portal.

This new online tool is many months in the making and offers a modern, more streamlined way of doing business with the state of California.

To view the new site, visit Cal eProcure.


Cal eProcure is the buying, selling and small business component of FI$Cal and replaces BidSync as the procurement system of record for the state.

Cal eProcure includes many new features designed to enhance the user experience for state customers as well as a responsive design and mobile compatibility.

System functionality to be released progressively over the coming weeks

The vast majority of functionality for the new system is live as of this morning with the rest to be introduced incrementally over the coming weeks. This approach allows for a more gradual transition as customers learn the new system while also enabling state staff to quickly address any issues with the environment or functionality that may arise after launch.

This week’s release includes the following functionality:

    Bidder registration: All bidders can set up their profile in Cal eProcure. Small Business and Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise (SB/DVBE) firms have already been preregistered in the system. After go-live, they will be able to update their profiles and desired notifications.

  •  SB/DVBE certification: New applicants can apply for certification in Cal eProcure.  Firms already certified can update or renew their certification information.
  • SB/DVBE search: Find certified SBs and DVBEs.
  • Leveraged Purchase Agreement (LPA) Search: Search for state LPAs (statewides, California Multiple Award Schedules, Software Licensing Program, Masters, NASPO ValuePoint, State Price Schedule, etc.).
  • State Contracting and Procurement Registration System (SCPRS) search: Search SCPRS data.

The following functionality, primarily related to the California State Contracts Register (CSCR), will be released in the coming weeks:

  •  CSCR posting: State departments will start posting new bids/solicitations in Cal eProcure.
  • CSCR notification and search: The public will be able to search for new bids on Cal eProcure and bidders will start receiving notification of new bids based on the profile they established after the December 9 go-live.

Have Questions?

We have created a Frequently Asked Questions document for users of the new system.

Get Trained Today!

Online training is now available for Cal eProcure.

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