Cooperative Agreements

Public Contract Code sections 10298-10299 allow the Department of General Services, Procurement Division (DGS-PD) to enter into cooperative purchasing agreements with other states.  Cooperative agreements are available to all State of California governmental entities (State departments, agencies, cities, counties, school districts, universities, etc.) that expend public funds for the acquisition of both goods and services.

The DGS-PD has elected to participate in the following multi-state cooperative agreements established by other states participating in the NASPO ValuePoint Cooperative Program (formerly WSCA-NASPO) and other cooperative programs as specified below.

IT Cooperative Agreements

Please select IT Cooperative Agreement below:

Agreement Title  Cooperative/Lead 
Copiers, Printers and Related Devices  WSCA-NASPO (NV)
Data Communications Products and Services   WSCA-NASPO (UT) 
Financial Institution Data Match Services  WSCA-NASPO (MI)
Inmate Kiosks  WSCA-NASPO (NV)
Mailing Equipment, Service and Support   WSCA-NASPO (AZ) 
Managed Print Services  WSCA-NASPO (NM) 
Public Safety Communications Equipment   WSCA-NASPO (WA) 
Software VAR   WSCA-NASPO (AZ) 


Non-IT Cooperative Agreements

Please select Non-IT Cooperative Agreement below: 

Agreement Title  Cooperative/Lead 
Auto Parts, Light Duty   WSCA-NASPO (CA)
Breast Pumps   WSCA-NASPO (WA) 
Electronic Payment Acceptance Services (EPAY)   WSCA-NASPO (CA) 
Facilities, Maintenance, Lighting Products, Industrial Supplies and Tools   WSCA-NASPO (NV) 
Hand and Power Tools   WSCA-NASPO (OK)
Hazardous Incident Response Equipment (HIRE)   WSCA-NASPO (NY) 
Laboratory Equipment and Supplies   WSCA-NASPO (ID) 
Purchase Card Services (CAL-Card)   WSCA-NASPO (WA) 
Small Parcel Delivery Services   WSCA-NASPO (UT) 
Telephone-Based Interpreter Services   WSCA-NASPO (WA) 

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