Pharmaceutical (Rx) Acquisitions

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The DGS Procurement Division Pharmaceutical Acquisitions Section was established through Government Code Sections 14977-14982.  Through this legislation, the Pharmaceutical Acquisitions Section established the California Pharmaceutical Procurement Collaborative (CPPC).

Our Mission 

Coordinate the efforts of various State and local governmental entities, as appropriate, to identify and implement opportunities for cost savings and quality improvement regarding pharmaceuticals and medical supplies.  

Pharmaceutical Acquisitions Unit Scorecard

The Statewide Pharmaceutical Program (SPP) achieves cost savings through coordinated pharmaceutical purchasing, formulary and utilization controls, leveraged pricing agreements, and wholesaler agreements. SPP’s goal is to achieve an average savings of 60% on Suggested Wholesale Prices.


CPPC Webinars and Newsletters

January 21, 2016 Webinar

December 2015 Newsletter




Pharmaceutical Acquisitions Staff

Kelli Berliner

(916) 375-4548

Health Program Manager


Mark Harlan, MPH

(916) 375-4558

Health Program Specialist


Vimbai Kajese, MPH

(916) 375-4926

Health Program Specialist


Rhonda Kitchen

(916) 375-4465

Health Program Specialist


Mike Namba, PharmD, MS

(916) 375-4369

Pharmaceutical Consultant


Mary Anne Selvage

(916) 375-4346

Health Program Specialist


Elizabeth Winward, MA

(916) 375-4551

Health Program Specialist


Takhmina R. Amin-Rahbar


(916) 375-4470

Student Assistant


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