Emergency Drinking Water

The Department of General Services administers several contracts to aid public entities with California with the procurement of drinking water.

General Information


These contracts are a vehicle to assist with the process of purchasing water.  They do not provide funds for the purchase.  AGENCIES ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR PAYMENT FOR THEIR PURCHASES.

Bottled Water

This contract provides for the delivery of bottled water in various sizes for a fixed priced.  Pricing varies based on delivery size and time needed after receipt of order.

For Agencies

Ordering agencies are instructed to review the following User Instructions for ordering information and usage rules:


For Vendors

Vendors who are interested in joining this contract may apply to be added.  Please contact the Contract Administrator for more information.

Bulk Water

This contract provides a list of vendors who have agreed to the terms of the contract.  Service areas are divided by county and vendors may indicate availability for as many counties as they wish.  The vendor listing includes counties of availability, as well as truck capacity and additional related services available from the vendors.  Pricing is not included as part of this contract.

For Agencies

Agencies are encouraged to request quotes from multiple vendors.  The current user guide, listing of vendors and the delivery notification form may be found by clicking on the links below:

For Vendors

Vendors who are interested in joining this contract should carefully read the user guide and application instructions.  Please submit the application form to the Contract Administrator.

Contract Administrator

For questions related to the Emergency Drinking Water contract, please contact:

Mailing Address:
Department of General Services
Procurement Division
707 Third Street, 2nd Floor
West Sacramento, CA 95605

Fax Number


Contract Administrator:
Bill Simonson 
Phone Number:
Email Address:

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