Food Acquisitions

The Food Acquisitions Unit awards and administers food contracts for the State of California. 


Program Information

Statewide food commodity contracts are primarily established to reduce the need for individual departments to conduct repetitive bids for like products.  These contracts are developed through a competitive bidding process based on the business needs of State of California departments.  Statewide commodity contracts do not have dollar limits or limitations to their use, except as otherwise noted in the contract user instructions.

Further information regarding statewide contracts is available in the State Contracting Manual (SCM), Volume 2.

Find Statewide Contracts

Cal eProcure
All statewide contracts for food issued by the DGS-PD are available through the State of California's Cal eProcure portal.

State Contracts Index Listing 
All available Statewide Commodity Contracts, Food Contracts, Master Agreements, State Price Schedules, and Cooperative Agreement contracts are listed in this index.

Emergency Drinking Water

The Food Acquisitions Unit also administers Bottled and Bulk Drinking Water contracts for the State of California.

Emergency Drinking Water

New Statewide Contract Requests

The DGS-PD has established a process for State Departments requesting a new commodity or service leverage procurement agreement.

For more information, go to New Contract Requests.

Utilizing Statewide Contracts

Each contract issued by the DGS-PD includes user instructions for ordering agencies.  All relevant contract information (including ordering procedures, usage guidelines, etc) is outlined within each contract's user instructions.

Steps for Ordering Agencies:

  1. Download the contract user instructions from the eProcurement System.
  2. Review the contract user instructions to determine whether the contract is available for use by your agency.
  3. Follow the appropriate ordering procedures, as outlined.

Local Governmental Agency Guidelines

Any local governmental entity in the State of California that is empowered to expend public funds may utilize designated State contracts, per Public Contract Code Section 10298, et. seq.

Each statewide commodity contract identified whether the contract is open to local governmental agencies in the usage guidelines.  Before utilizing a contract, local agencies must review the contract user instructions to determine whether the contract is available for use by their agency and following the order procedures, as outlined within the document.

Usage Fees

The DGS-PD charges an administrative fee for the use of its established contracts.  All applicable fees are identified in the contract user instructions.  See the current administrative fees in the DGS Price Book, select the "Purchasing" link under the Procurement Division section.

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