Microsoft Enterprise License Agreements (MELA)

Under the Microsoft Enterprise License Agreements (MELA), you may qualify for free online E-Learning courses, training vouchers and other benefits.  When accessing your account at the Microsoft Volume LIcensing Service Center, be sure to check what benefits you are entitled to.  If you need assistance, please contact your Microsoft Large Account reseller (LAR).

The Department of General Services, Procurement Division (PD), has entered into a cooperative agreement with the County of Riverside based on their Request for Proposal for the acquisition of Microsoft software enterprise licensing and maintenance (upgrades).  As a result, the PD has established Software Cooperative Agreements (SCA) with certain authorized resellers for State department's use.

The following contractors are authorized resellers for Microsoft Enterprise License Agreements (MELA) Software.  Consulting, training and installation services are not available under these contracts.

 Agreement No. Contractor/Authorized Reseller   
 SCA-17-70-0025H  CDW Government LLC
 SCA-17-70-0204A  Crayon Software Experts, LLC
 SCA-16-70-0008B   Insight Public Sector, Inc.
 SCA-16-70-0002S  PCM Gov, Inc.
 SCA-16-70-0003Q   SHI International Corp.
 SCA-16-70-0169R  SoftwareOne, Inc.

 To view these agreements, go to Cal eProcure (State Contract Search).

Microsoft Office 365 User Instructions

The Department of General Services, Software Licensing Program (SLP) has added Microsoft Office 365 to the Microsoft Software Cooperative Agreement (SCA)/Microsoft Enterprise License Agreement.  Per Technology Letter 16-01, procurement of Microsoft Office 365 Cloud Services will only be available through the California Department of Technology. 


State departments are instructed to read the User Instructions below for ordering information:

Work at Home License (WAH) and Home Use Program (HUP)

State departments should use their own disretion in determining whether a Work at Home License and the Home Use Program are a viable fit for their business model.

Note: Employee purchase benefits are not available under the SCA contracts. 

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