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Small Package Delivery Service (NASPO ValuePoint Cooperative Agreement)

The State of Utah in cooperation with NASPO ValuePoint Purchasing Program, has established multi-State cooperative contracts for Small Package Delivery Services.  California has elected to participate and makes these agreements available to all State agencies and local government agencies through the California Participating Addenda listed below. 


Contract Information

User Instructions

Ordering agencies are instructed to review the following User Instructions for ordering information and usage rules.

California Participating Addenda (Contracts)

Participating Addenda contract documents are available on Cal eProcure (View/Search Contracts).

Contract No.      Contractor Name
7-16-99-28-01 FedEx Corporate Services, Inc.
7-16-99-28-02 United Parcel Service, Inc.
7-16-99-28-03 Golden State Overnight Delivery Services, Inc.


State Contract Administrator

For questions, please contact the State Contract Administrator below:

JJ Espinoza
Department of General Services
Procurement Division - Multiple Awards Program (MAP)
707 Third Street, 2nd Floor, MS 2-202
West Sacramento, CA 95605-2811
Telephone: (916) 375-4393
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