Information Technology Contracts (Delegated)

Statutory authority for the acquisition of Information Technology (IT) goods and services for state government resides with the Department of General Services (DGS)*. 

Pursuant to PCC Section 12104, the DGS is required to set forth all policies, procedures, and methods that the DGS will use when soliciting bids for IT procurements in the State Contracting Manual (SCM), Volume 3, including any policies contained in the State Administrative Manual (SAM).  

For procurement assistance and oversight  DGS delegates authority to departments at varying levels.  DGS Procurement Division provides assistance and oversight for IT procurement efforts over these limits.

*NEW!  Refer to September 11, 2013 Broadcast Bulletin #: P-10-13 for updated information regarding the Transition of Information Technology (IT) Procurement Authority.

Technology Acquisitions Documents

 IT Solicitation Templates

For additional information refer to: SCM Vol. 3, Chapters 4 &  6

 IT Checklists

Model IT Contract Documents




State Contracting Manual (SCM), Volume 3 (Information Technology)

The State Contracting Manual (SCM), Volume 3 is provided as a resource to those who are involved in the State's procurement of Information Technology (IT) goods and services.  It contains the policies, procedures and methods for procuring IT services for the State. 

Note:  The procedures are not intended to cover every situation.  Interpretation of the procedures for unique situations is the responsibility of the DGS.

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