Dispute Resolution Unit

Procurement Division's Dispute Resolution unit provides an array of services to the public and state departments.

These services are identified below:


Non-Competitively Bid Program

A Non-Competitively Bid (NCB) Justification Request is a request for goods and/or services when only a single source is known to provide the specified goods and/or services.  The NCB team’s goal is to complete most NCB requests within 45 days. As defined by state law, all NCB requests are approved in accordance with the State Contracting Manual (SCM), Volumes 1, 2, 3, and F, except in the case of emergency or where public health and safety is threatened.

Non-Competitively Bid (NCB)  

A request for a one time purchase of a commodity that is only available from one supplier. There are no authorized distributors for the company.    

Special Category NCB Request (SCR)

Request for a "blanket" NCB for particular category of goods. Departments request an SCR when it is expected to have a significant number of repeat purchases from a non-competitive commodity over a period of time.

Limited To Brand or Trade Name (LTB)

A request to limit competitive bidding to a specified brand or trade name AND that is available for purchase from multiple distributors.

For more information about the Non-Competitively Bid Program, please contact:

NCB Portal

Non-Competitively Bid Dashboard

In an effort to promote transparency, the Department of General Services Procurement Division developed the Non-Competitively Bid (NCB) dashboard. The dashboard provides data spanning a three-year period identifying NCBs over $1 million submitted by state departments for DGS approval. The data is further organized by acquisition type into five categories: IT Goods, IT Goods and Services, IT Services, Non-IT Services and Non-IT Goods. The dashboard provides up-to-date information on a monthly basis.

Non-Competitively Bid Scorecard

Our goal is to complete Non-Competitively Bid (NCB) Contract Justification Requests within 30 days.

However, reviews by legal counsel are tracked separately and not included in our 30-day goal; legal counsel review time may extend the total review time.

For more information about the Non-Competitively Bid Program, please contact:

Protest and Contract Dispute Resolution Program

The Dispute Resolution team facilitates and mediates resolution of Protests of Award, Contract Disputes, relative to the acquisition of Non-IT Goods and Information Technology Goods and Services.  These types of disputes include:
  • Protests and complaints against solicitation requirements - for IT; and Non-IT Goods,
  • Protests against proposed awards; and,
  • Contract disputes and related issues.

For more information about the Protest Program, please contact:

Non-IT Services and Consulting Services Protest of Contract Award:

Visit the DGS Office of Legal Services web page at:

Public Records Request (PRR) Program

PRR team’s goal is to complete all Public Record Requests in 10 days. Public records are open to inspection at all times during the office hours of the state or local agency and every person has a right to inspect any public record, except as hereafter provided. Any reasonable portion of a record shall be available for inspection by any person requesting the record after deletion of the portions that are exempted by law.

For more information about the Public Record Request Program, please contact:


Target Area Contract Preference Act (TACPA) Preference Program

Procurement Division, Preference Program administers the TACPA Preference Program.

To determine if a business is located within a TACPA qualified zone visit:

Resource Information:

For more information about the TACPA Preference Program, please contact:

Broadcast Bulletins

The Dispute Resolution Unit (DRU) is responsible for managing the Procurement Division’s Broadcast Bulletins system (BB) and their respective dissemination. The BB system serves to convey updates to procurement professionals  on policy, contracts and events sponsored by DGS.  The four posted types of BBs include Policy, Event, Contract, and FI$Cal.

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