Cal-PCA Intermediate Certification Program

The Intermediate Certification Program continues the progression of knowledge and skills learned in the Basic Certification Program and Basic Workshops but with a choice of study disciplines.  One series concentrates on an information technology acquisition; another on a non-IT goods acquisition; and the third on a non-IT service acquisition.  Each series focuses on the unique laws, policies, procedures, and methods applicable to that discipline.

Information Technology (IT) Request for Proposals

Information Technology (IT) Request for Proposals (RFPs)

The IT RFP Intermediate Acquisition Certificate Program is a four-day course designed to give State procurement professionals the knowledge and skills needed to conduct a traditional IT procurement that uses a RFP solicitation document.

This four-day course is split into two modules.

*No Cal-PCA Classes Are Available At This Time To Accommodate For FI$CAL Training.

Thank You For Your Understanding.

Non-IT Goods Invitation for Bids

In Development

Non-IT Services

In Development
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