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The California Procurement & Contracting Academy (CalPCA) provides professional development courses and workshops for state acquisition specialists, to instill essential knowledge and improve the state's contracting processes. Graduates receive certificates that may be required for their department's delegated purchasing authority.

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FI$Cal Training (State Officials)

Note: Before reviewing any CalPCA webinar, regardless of topic, please conduct the Fi$Cal User Productivity Kit (UPK) training provided via the links above. 

The CalPCA training offered is designed to enhance user knowledge to the already designed Fi$Cal UPK's.  

State Contract & Procurement Registration System (SCPRS)


California State Contracts Register (CSCR)

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FI$Cal Service Center

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FI$Cal Training (Suppliers / Bidders / General Public)

Note: Before viewing any CalPCA webinar, regardless of topic, please conduct the Cal eProcure User Productivity Kit (UPK) training provided via the links above. 

The CalPCA training offered below was designed to enhance user knowledge to the already designed Cal eProcure UPK's.

FI$Cal For Suppliers / Bidders / General Public



CalPCA Programs & Workshops

Directory of Online Resources

The following links are resource information referenced in the Cal-PCA Basic Acquisition Certificate Program and Workshops. For a complete list of resource information please check in the appropriate State Contracting Manual. 

DGS/PD Informational Videos
California Public Safety Procurement Program (1122)

CalPCA Training Videos/Webinars
Cloud Computing Services
Acquisition Approaches & Methods

Home Pages
Department of General Services
Procurement Division
Office of Legal Services
Cal eProcure

Codes and Regulations
Legislative Information (PCC, GC, MVC, etc.)
California Code of Regulations

Resource Manuals
State Administrative Manual
State Contracting Manual, Vol. 1
State Contracting Manual, Vol. 2
State Contracting Manual, Vol. 3
State Contracting Manual, Fi$Cal
Statewide Information Management Manual
State Telecommunications Management Manual

Meet the Team

 Picture of Joseph

Joseph Watkins


(916) 375-4637


Molinda Zinda

Lead Instructor

(916) 375-4388

Picture of Molinda 

 Picture of Anela

Anela Freeman


(916) 375-4592

Anela joined the CalPCA team in September, 2015.  Her experience includes working at CDCR, the State Legislature and for a member of Congress.  As a member of the CalPCA team, she provided information regarding FI$Cal SCPRS and was an involved team member of all FI$Cal and Cal eProcure related webinars offered between December 2015 and February 2016.  She originally hails from Honolulu, Hawai’i and is an active member of the community in Sacramento.


Kimberly Hewitt


(916) 375-4657

Kimberly began her career as a CalPCA instructor with the Department of General Services (DGS) in January 2016. Previous to her employment with DGS, she worked in various state departments including the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR), Department of State Hospitals (DSH) and California Highway Patrol (CHP). Kimberly is a very understanding, trustworthy, and goal-oriented person with great interpersonal skills. She is willing to listen, learn as well as teach. Kimberly enjoys being part of the AWESOME CalPCA team and is excited to provide professional development instruction to improve essential knowledge of the state's contracting processes.

 Picture of Kimberly
Picture of Mac

Robert MacDonald

(916) 375-4509

Robert (Mac) MacDonald started his state service with CalPCA in 2014. Prior to joining the state, Mac was a Tank-commander during service as a United States Marine. He graduated from CSUS with a BS in History, and graduated from the CSUS Teacher Credential Program; after which he taught five years in the public school system, and taught 15 years for Sacramento Diocese. Mac has been married to his wonderful wife Joanna over 30 years.  He is the proud father of four children:  Scot 31, US Navy, John 23, US Navy, Joy 21, junior UC Davis, Heather 18, freshman Gonzaga. Mac enjoys playing golf when able, and watching it when not able to play.




Brent Seavers


(916) 375-4628

Brent Seavers has an instructor and buyer background in the private sector. Brent also has education and experience in digital media presentations and marketing. If you call the CalPCA Help Desk, you'll most likely talk to him before anyone else. He is excited to guide state buyers through the world of procurement as part of the CalPCA team.

Picture of Brent

Picture of Eli

Eli White


(916) 375-4511

Eli began his state career as a buyer for CDCR, and since joining CalPCA has been heavily involved in the role out of FI$Cal related training. Prior to joining the state, Eli was a buyer in the private industry for a national company based here in Sacramento. He also has a background in inventory management and logistics. Eli has worked across several industries in the private sector; Banking, Retail, Hospitality, Produce and Recruiting. He is Australian, lives in Sacramento and has yet to select an NFL team to support. 








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