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  • 1:00 pm - 4:30 pm: March 30, 2017
  • 9 am - 12:30 pm : April 12, 2017

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  • 9 am - 12:30 pm : March 30, 2017
  • 9 am - 12:30 pm: April 13, 2017

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The California Procurement & Contracting Academy (CalPCA) provides professional development courses and workshops for state acquisition specialists, to instill essential knowledge and improve the state's contracting processes.

Students who successfully pass all course criteria will receive a CalPCA Certificate of Completion; which will be required for their department's delegated purchasing authority.

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FI$Cal Training (State Officials)

Note: Before reviewing any CalPCA webinar, regardless of topic, please conduct the Fi$Cal User Productivity Kit (UPK) training provided via the links above. 

The CalPCA training offered is designed to enhance user knowledge to the already designed Fi$Cal UPK's.  

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FI$Cal Training (Suppliers / Bidders / General Public)

Note: Before viewing any CalPCA webinar, regardless of topic, please conduct the Cal eProcure User Productivity Kit (UPK) training provided via the links above. 

The CalPCA training offered below was designed to enhance user knowledge to the already designed Cal eProcure UPK's.

FI$Cal For Suppliers / Bidders / General Public



CalPCA Programs & Workshops

CalPCA offers the following certification training and workshops:

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Directory of Online Resources

The following links are resource information referenced in the CalPCA Basic Acquisition Certification training and workshops. For a complete list of resource information please check in the appropriate State Contracting Manual. 

DGS/PD Informational Videos
California Public Safety Procurement Program (1122)

CalPCA Training Videos/Webinars
Cloud Computing Services
Acquisition Approaches & Methods

Home Pages
Department of General Services
Procurement Division
Office of Legal Services
Cal eProcure

Codes and Regulations
Legislative Information (PCC, GC, MVC, etc.)
California Code of Regulations

Resource Manuals
State Administrative Manual
State Contracting Manual, Vol. 1
State Contracting Manual, Vol. 2
State Contracting Manual, Vol. 3
State Contracting Manual, Fi$Cal
Statewide Information Management Manual
State Telecommunications Management Manual

Meet the Team


Picture of Joseph

Joseph Watkins


(916) 375-4637

Joseph has been the manager of CalPCA since December 2011. His state career began in procurement/contracts at the California Youth Authority; and hasn't looked back. He just loves working with this fabulous team of bright and talented instructors.


Molinda Zinda


(916) 375-4388

Molinda has been with DGS, since May 2006. She started out in the PD Executive Office and then made her move to CalPCA in August 2007; where she showcases her vast knowledge of procurement & contracting to buying officials across the State of California. Her witty style and energetic deliverance of course curriculum keeps students engaged and wanting to learn more.  Her favorite topic to teach is Socioeconomic Programs. Why?? Because she loves seeing the "light bulbs" go off over the students heads while she covers preference/incentive calculations; and hearing them say "I Get It". She has three amazing children, two adorable granddaughters, and one loveable fur-baby.

Picture of Molinda 

Kimberly Newport-Hewitt

(916) 375-4592

Kimberly has been a buyer/trainer in CA State Procurement for 6 years. Kimberly began her state service with the CDCR Mental Health Program in 2007, and moved to the CHP in 2011 where she began her career in procurement. For a brief period Kimberly worked at the DSH in CMF Prison, once she was released (promoted) she rejoined the CHP as a buyer in 2013. Kimberly obtained a BS in Criminal Justice Administration and is currently a student at UC Irvine pursuing a Master of Advanced Studies in Criminology, Law and Society. Kimberly’s short-term goal is to train and facilitate courses of law, policy and regulations in procurement. Her long-term goal is to become a professor teaching courses in criminology, such as Public Policy in Criminal Justice, Social Problems in Diverse Populations and/or Criminal Law and Social Deviance.

Kimberly’s personal characteristics include great interpersonal skills and she is willing to listen and learn as well as teach. She considers herself to be a very understanding, trustworthy, and goal oriented person, and she loves fishing (Hint). Kimberly’s current hobbies are fishing, reading, fishing, in depth discussions about non-fictional crime, inclusion and cultural diversity, fishing, traveling to go fishing and watching TV about crime, fishing, or any type of sci-fi, horror, action or comedy.           



Brent Seavers


(916) 375-4047

Brent Seavers has an instructor and buyer background in the private sector. Brent also has education and experience in digital media presentations and marketing. If you call the CalPCA Help Desk, you'll most likely talk to him before anyone else. He is excited to guide state buyers through the world of procurement as part of the CalPCA team.

 Picture of Brent


 Picture of Eli  

Eli White

Lead Instructor

(916) 375-4511

Eli began his state career as a buyer for CDCR, and after joining CalPCA was heavily involved in the role out of FI$Cal related training. Check out the CalPCA YouTube channel for video of the webinars if you missed them. While you are there, subscribe to the CalPCA channel. You know you want to. 


Prior to joining the state, Eli was a buyer in the private industry for a national company based here in Sacramento. He also has a background in inventory management, as well as logistics. Eli has worked across several industries in the private sector, both here in the US and abroad; Banking, Retail, Hospitality, Event Planning, Fresh-cut Produce, and Recruiting. 


He is Australian, lives in Sacramento with his wife and two children, and has no plans to select an NFL team to support. He misses the beach, the much better coffee, and the letter U; who he just doesn't see as much as he used to. Eli brews his own beer, runs, and yes, eats Vegemite. Yes, he has some at his desk. No, you cannot try some.



Lori Hughes



(916) 375-4509


Lori comes to the State of California with over 15 years of training and customer service experience specifically in the areas of project and contract management.  Lori spent her early career managing hardware contracts for IBM Corporation where the State was her primary customer.  Later at Hewlett-Packard Company she changed focus from IT goods to IT services.  At HP, Lori took on the role of instructor, developing new specialists and contract administrators. Her portfolio of courses included onboarding, project management, problem solving, and customer service.


A native Californian relocated to the Sacramento area many years ago from the South Bay Area and attended schools in San Juan Bautista, Gilroy, Hollister, and even one year on the island of Guam.  Lori obtained her B.S. degree in Business from San Jose State University. Lori is keen to start her State career utilizing her background as a vendor to add value to CalPCA.  She is excited to be part of the move to e-delivery and web-based training as she has many years participating and leading these types of projects. On a personal note, Lori loves to attend free summer concerts in the Sacramento area.  Music makes her happy.  She loves to spend time outdoors with her friends, family and two dogs and just enjoy life.

 Lori pic






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