CAL-Card (Purchase Card)

The Department of General Services, Procurement Division (DGS PD) entered into a Participating Addendum (Cooperative Agreement) with U.S. Bank National Association for purchase card services to support the State of California Purchase Card (CAL-Card) Program. The agreement provides eligible participating agencies with VISA purchase card services for the acquisition of goods and services.

CAL-Card Program News

DGS PD Broadcast Bulletins and communications related to the CAL-Card Program are provided below:

Effective immediately, Participating Addendum 7-14-99-22 has been extended to December 31, 2020.  The Participating Addendum, Amendment 2, and User Instructions are available for viewing by clicking on Cal eProcure.

The two (2) year extension on the existing contract will provide continued service of the existing State Cal-Card Program without service disruption.

U.S. Bank will be contacting local agencies directly to address continuing participation.  State agencies will have no action items for their continued service.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact the State CAL-Card Contract Program Administrator by clicking on

Effective March, 2018, billing cycle:

  • Cardholders can access their billing statements through Access Online within 24 hours of cycle close.
    • The Program Administrator (PA) should provide registration instructions in Access Online to their cardholders using the CAL-Card Self Registration Letter (for a copy contact the contractor by clicking on
    • Each cardholder can then self-register online using the Self Registration Letter instructions.
    • Cardholders will be granted view-only access to download and print their online statements, turn on statement notifications, etc.  Cardholders will be able to change User Profile information including user name, address1, phone/FAX, email address, password, security questions, and notification preferences.
  • The PA may grant permission to other agency employees (i.e. Approvers, Billing Officials) requesting access to online statements by creating view-only user profiles in Access Online.
    • PAs can set up these users live in Access Online.
    • For navigation assistance with setting up these users, the PA can email the contractor by clicking on or call Technical Support at 877.452.8083.

1User Profile address is used for identification purposes only and is not the account billing address which can only be changed by the PA.

Contract and Participation Information

How to Participate

State of California agencies and local governmental agencies are allowed to participate in the State’s CAL-Card Program.  Agencies are instructed to review the Contract (PA_7-14-99-22.pdf), Addendum (PA_7-14-99-22_Amendment_1.pdf) and User Instructions (User_Instructions_Sup4_rev2017-1117.pdf) for contract details, requirements and participation procedures.  All documents are available for viewing in Cal eProcure under Attachments.

For questions, please email the State CAL-Card Contract Program Administrator.

Forms and Resources

CAL-Card Program Information

Lost/Stolen Cards and Fraud/Disputes

With every card program, fraud and dispute case processing is a critical administrative function. The reference guides below overview how to report lost or stolen cards, and how to dispute and report fraud properly.

Sample Program Forms and Materials

The following resource guides and sample forms are available to supplement Participating Agency's internal program materials.

Documentation Requirements for Payment (State Agencies)

Rebate Reports

Click on the links below to access available CAL-Card rebate reports:


The DGS Procurement Division and U.S. Bank have collaborated to provide online training workshops and training videos for CAL-Card Participating Agencies.  For questions or feedback on training information provided below please contact the CAL-Card Program.

Online Training Workshops

Online Training Workshops are live training sessions which provide general CAL-Card program information for Agency Program Administrators.  Cardholders may attend workshops if directed by their agency.       

  • Access Online Training (CAL-Card Program Administrator)
  • Access Online Training (CAL-Card Billing Official)

To register for Online Training Workshops go to:  2018 CAL-Card Training Schedule 

Web-Based Training (WBT)

U.S. Bank offers free Access Online Web-Based Training (WBT).  This site includes an introduction into Access Online, user guides, sample statements, simulations and an optional certification process that includes quizzes to ensure agency participants are trained. 

If you need the most current password please email and identify yourself as a State of California CAL-Card participant.

Training Videos

The on-demand videos listed below cover a variety of topics related to the management of a CAL-Card Program:

  • CAL-Card Overview – Includes general program management topics, along with different ways to maximize CAL-Card benefits.
  • Create a Learning Plan – Includes an introduction into the Access Online Web Based Training site (WBT), and how to create a unique learning plan.
  • Payment Analytics Training – Includes an overview of the free online audit system, Payment Analytics, which monitors 100% of card transactions.
  • Fraud Training – Provides a detailed explanation how to mitigate and report fraud, including an explanation of fraud trends.

Contact CAL-Card

Agency Program Contact(s)

Participating agencies in the CAL-Card Program have at least one assigned agency Program Administrator (PA).  It is recommended that each agency have an alternate PA to provide backup support to the agency's primary PA.

Your agency PA is your first point of contact for questions or concerns.

Contractor Program Contacts

Agency PAs and cardholders can contact the CAL-Card contractor for administrative servicing and consulting support using the U.S. Bank Contact List which identifies contractor resources, resource roles and contact information.

New agencies implementing the CAL-Card program should contact the CAL-Card Sales Coordinator for assistance with Request to Participate submission support and status.

State of California Program Contact

For contract or program support for the CAL-Card Program, contact the State CAL-Card Contract Program Administrator:


Maureen Seiferling

Department of General Services
Procurement Division, CAL-Card Program
707 Third Street, 2nd Floor, MS 2-202

Sacramento, CA   95605

Phone: 916.376.2939



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