CAL-Card (Purchase Card)

The State of California entered into a Master Services Agreement (MSA) for purchase card services with U.S. Bank.  The MSA contract is available to government / tax-funded agencies and for partners in the WSCA-NASPO Cooperative Purchasing Program.  

The contract period is October 19, 2006 through April 18, 2015.  See Broadcast Bulletin K-46-13 for more information.

Contract Information

User Instructions

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Accepting CAL-Card (Merchant Information)
Merchants that would like to accept the CAL-Card, may sign up as a VISA Merchant by contacting U.S. Bank, a local branch of U.S. Bank, or their own bank / financial institution.
Access Online

Access Online is a secure, web-based program management tool that allows agencies access to their CAL-Card program information 24/7.   Agency Program Administrators may add or delete cards; change Merchant Category Codes; set up approvers, cardholders and Billing Office Contracts, each with their own unique level of authority to view, approve and assign agency specific accounting codes.

To register for training, go to: 
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To request the appropriate account set up forms or if you have any questions regarding the U.S. Bank Access Online, contact U.S. Bank

CAL-Card Broadcast Bulletins
  • Bulletin K-46-13 (Dated 10/11/13) - Extension of Master Service Agreement (MSA) 5-06-99-01 for Purchase Card Services (CAL-Card)
  • Bulletin (Dated 03/27/07) - CAL-Card as a Payment Mechanism for Leveraged Procurement Agreements (LPA’s)
Lost & Stolen Cards

If a CAL-Card is lost or stolen, immediately contact  the U.S. Bank Customer Service at (800) 344-5696 or (701) 461-2020, if outside the U.S.  You will also need to notify your Approver and Program Administrator, as soon as possible.

When calling the U.S. Bank Customer Service, the following information must be provided: 

  • Cardholder's complete name
  • Account number
  • Circumstances surrounding the loss of the card
  • Any purchase(s) made on the day the card was lost or stolen
  • Details of the last purchase amount and location
  • Cardholder verification information (one or all of these may be asked)
    • Zip Code
    • Phone Number
    • Number in lie of Social Security number

For more information, see Lost/Stolen Cards.


Training Videos & PowerPoint Presentations

The training videos and PowerPoint Presentations are available for download and can be saved.  To do so, right click on one of the links below and select "Save Target As."  Next, navigate to the folder to which you want to save the video or presentation to on your computer, then select the "Save" button.

Training Videos

If you experience difficulting downloading and/or saving the videos, contact the U.S. Bank for copies. 

Training Workshops

CAL-Card Basic Training covers a brief overview of the CAL-Card program, agency roles and responsibilities, and other general program management topics. The presentation will also cover an overview of U.S. Bank Access® Online functionality from basic program management to program optimization

Our training workshops provide CAL-Card program information to Program Administrators only; however, cardholders may attend, if directed by their agency. 

To Register For Training go to:
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Forms & Resources

Rebate Information


Merchant Category Code (MCC) nformation


State Controller's Office - Documentation Requirements for Payment

Contact CAL-Card
U.S. Bank CAL-Card Team
Phone: 877.846.9302

For addtional program contacts provided by U.S. Bank, see U.S. Bank Contacts (Roles and Support Information).

State Contract Administrator:

Julie Matthews
State of California
Department of General Services
Procurement Division, CAL-Card Program
707 3rd Street, 2nd Floor, MS 2-202
West Sacramento, CA 95605-2811
Phone: 916.375.4612
Fax: 916.375.4663