Procurement Division Scorecards

The DGS Procurement Division delivers results by providing timely, cost-effective services to support our customers. We monitor our efficiency and effectiveness using scorecards. We post our business scorecards to show customers how we are doing.

Acquisitions Branch

California Multiple Award Schedules Unit Scorecard

To streamline the procurement process for state and local government agencies, California Multiple Award Schedule (CMAS) offers more than 270 goods and services contracts. For more information, go to CMAS.

California Multiple Award Schedules Unit Scorecard

 CMAS processes 40-60 applications each month and achieves a 95% average on-time completion in under 30 days.


One-Time Acquisitions Unit Scorecard

One-Time Acquisitions (OTA) Unit conducts procurements on behalf of state departments for purchases that exceed a department's delegated purchasing authority. For more information, go to: One-Time Acquisitions.

One-Time Acquisitions Unit Scorecard

Our OTA Team provides customers efficient services.  View our average Cycle Times from the time a request is received to purchase order award on our OTA Scorecards below.


OTA often enlists expertise from other DGS units and customer department’s Subject Matter Experts to review specifications and evaluate bids.  We include their hours in our cycle time, still maintaining our 90 day (Non-IT) and 60 day (IT) Cycle Time goals.  While most bids are routine, some require extensive review time and influence monthly averages.

Pharmaceutical Acquisitions Scorecard 

The Statewide Pharmaceutical Program (SPP) promotes collaboration between state and local governmental entities to achieve cost savings and implement quality improvement strategies for pharmaceutical and medical supply purchasing.  For more information, go to: Pharmaceutical Acquisitions.

Pharmaceutical Acquisitions Unit Scorecard

The Statewide Pharmaceutical Program (SPP) achieves cost savings through coordinated pharmaceutical purchasing, formulary and utilization controls, leveraged pricing agreements, and wholesaler agreements. SPP’s goal is to achieve an average savings of 60% on Suggested Wholesale Prices.


Statewide Commodity Contracts Scorecard 

Each year, the Contracts Management Unit bids or re-bids new contracts for state and local agencies. For more information, go to: Statewide Commodity Contracts.

Statewide Commodity Contracts Scorecard

The Statewide Commodity Contracts unit tracks its processing time, from initiation to award, and its savings, in both dollars and percentage.

The projects listed below represent contract re-bid efforts or establishment of new contracts.  Targets reported include: cycle time (expressed in business days), level of Small Business (SB) participation achieved, level of Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise (DVBE) participation achieved, Savings level achieved, and if the contract has Environmental Preferred Purchasing(EPP) factors. 

Here's how 2017 contracts measure up:

Achieved goal:      Fell short of goal:  

Policy, Training and Customer Services Branch

Non-Competitively Bid Unit Scorecard

The Non-Competitive Bid (NCB) unit reviews NCB contract justification requests where no known competition exists. For more information, go to: Dispute Resolution.

Non-Competitively Bid Unit Scorecard

Our goal is to complete Non-Competitively Bid (NCB) Contract Justification Requests within 30 days.

However, reviews by legal counsel are tracked separately and not included in our 30-day goal; their time may extend the total review time.


Engineering Branch

Engineering Branch Scorecard

The Engineering Branch develops engineering standards and specifications to assist customers in defining their technical needs and ensure the awarded vendor meets those needs. For more information, go to: Standards & Specifications Development.

Engineering Branch Scorecard

Procurement engineers partner with procurement units to develop technical specifications and environmental details on more than 175 procurement contracts. We analyze contracts specifications before the contract goes out to bid and assist in the bid evaluation process to ensure technical requirements are competitive and met. Our time is included in the unit’s cycle time, making our work invisible to customers. However, we track our time to ensure efficiency.

Office of Small Business & Disabled Veteran Business Enterprises

Office of Small Business & Disabled Veteran Business Enterprises Scorecard

 The Office of Small Business & Disabled Veteran Business Enterprises (OSDS) administers the SB/DVBE certification programs. For more information, go to: Office of Small Business & Disabled Veteran Business Enterprises.

Office of Small Business & Disabled Veteran Business Enterprises Scorecard

The Office of Small Business (SB) and DVBE Services team provides customers efficient services.  View the current number of certified SBs and DVBEs, their industry types, and the average time it takes to process a new application.