How to become a registered OSP vendor

Step 1: Fill out the OSP Vendor Profile Sheet that outlines your company's capabilities.

Step 2: Fill out the Payee Data Record. Return of this fully completed form will prevent delays when processing payments.

Step 3: Fill out the Drug-Free Workplace Certification form.

Step 4: Read all Supplier Policies and Procedures (see FAQ below.)

Step 5: Read about business opportunities for Small or Disabled Veteran Businesses.

Step 6: Mail your completed forms from Step 1, 2, & 3 to:

Administrative Support
Procurement Department
The Office of State Publishing
344 N. 7th Street
Sacramento CA 95811

Or fax them to: (916) 322-3763 Attn: DeDe Ireland

Request a Supplier Application Packet to be mailed to you:

PLEASE NOTE: Once your information is received and entered into the OSP supplier database, you will receive an OSP Supplier ID Number. You must include this number on your BID OPPORTUNITY RESPONSE FORM when submitting a bid or your bid will not be considered. If you have submitted your application and do not receive an OSP Supplier ID Number within 5 business days, please call (916) 322-1104. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Who can bid on OSP jobs?

    Only registered OSP suppliers can bid. To register see steps listed above.

    How do I obtain the Supplier ID number required to bid?

    You must complete the Supplier Application Package. OSP will issue you a Supplier ID Number within two business days of receiving your application. If you have submitted your application and have not yet been notified or if you have forgotten your Vendor ID Number, please call (916) 327-8912.

    Questions about bid solicitations or specifications?

    If you have questions related to bids, specifications, changes or purchase orders, contact the buyer identified on the bid listing. The OSP buyer is your primary contact.

    What do I do if I am awarded a job and cannot perform the work?

    Suppliers who request to be relieved from an awarded job must submit the request in writing to OSP in a timely manner. This request does not guarantee relief from the contract. Refusal to comply may subject the vendor to the state's General Provisions, Section 13, Rights and Remedies of the State for Default, and/or may result in the removal of the supplier from OSP's certified supplier list.

    Why have I not received payment for the work that I completed?

    You should receive payment within 45 days of the invoice receipt date. If payment is delayed beyond that, it is likely that you did not supply one of the following items with your invoice:

    • Samples of your completed work
    • A proof of delivery signed by the receiving agency or OSP
    • Documentation of pre-approved author alteration charges (if applicable)
    • Artwork, film, disks, dies or other provided materials
    • Final print file on CD ROM or final film (if applicable)

    What is your policy on supplier advertising and identification?

    Unless otherwise requested, all shipments are to be made using generic packing materials such as, but not limited to, proof tags, cartons, shrink-wrapping, labels, envelopes, etc. Supplier names and/or logos must not appear on any printed materials.

    How do I become a certified SB/DVBE?

    Contact the Department of General Service Procurement Division, Office of Small Business Registration and Resources at (916) 322-5060 or visit their web site.  If you qualify, you will be issued a small business registration number that you must include on all bids and invoices to receive financial bid preferences and benefits through the California Prompt Payment Act.

    What is the Supplier Management Program?

    The staff at the Office of State Publishing (OSP) uses the Supplier Management Program to develop business partnerships with suppliers who provide printing, bindery and other related materials and services. The Supplier Management Program consists of two elements:

    1. Supplier registration: The registration process involves the completion of the supplier application package. Your application is reviewed and your data is placed into OSP's vendor database. Supplier information is verified by OSP staff visits to your place of business that include at least one production tour with discussions about your business capabilities. Supplier must be in OSP's database in order to be eligible for bid opportunities.
    2. Supplier Performance Evaluations: Performance evaluations help supplier meet and exceed OSP performance requirements. Supplier evaluations are used to identify, record and discuss performance with your company. Evaluations will be based on the following criteria:

      • Quality and reliability
      • Delivery and dependability
      • Price and ownership
      • Service, business and technology

    The criteria include specific performance standards that are rated by OSP staff, customers and/or supplier (self-evaluations). Your evaluation will be reviewed with your company. Supplier strengths and weaknesses are discussed; plans of action are mutually developed. Progress is carefully monitored.

    What are the supplier policies & procedures?

    From time to time OSP bids out for services for the following items: Printing jobs, binding / finishing jobs and mass mailing. If you are not currently a registered supplier, click here and follow the instructions. Bidding procedures are subject to change. It is the responsibility of the bidder to periodically refresh these pages and review the instructions. Supplier are also responsible for reading and understanding all OSP and DGS Procurement policies and procedures. Registered supplier must report to OSP any changes, deletions or additions to their SUPPLIER PROFILE SHEET.

    Form, GSOP 182, General Provisions, and GSPD 451, Bidder Instructions are available for your careful review and records. These documents are occasionally updated; therefore, each order is subject to the version of General Provisions and Bidders Instructions that is in effect on the date each order is issued. It is important to know that all OSP bids are subject to these provisions and instructions.

    Federal law (8 United States Code 1621 et seq.) prohibits states from contracting with certain illegal aliens.

    By signing and submitting this application package to OSP, contractor swears under penalty opf perjury that no more than one final unappealable finding of contempt of court by a federal court jas been issued against the contractor within the immediately preceding two-year period because of the contractor's failure to comply with an order of the National Labor Relations Board. This provision is required by, and shall be construed in accordance with, Public Contract Code Section 10296.

    Government Code Sections 4475-4482 prohibit California state agencies from awarding contracts for supplies, equipment, or services to air or water polluters. To determine whether a contractor is an identified polluter, contact the Water Resources Control Board, Contracts Office at (916) 657-1845 and the Air Resources Board, Compliance Division at (16-323-8417.

    QUESTIONS REGARDING BID SOLICITATIONS: Supplier who have questions or concerns related to bids or purchase orders should contact the applicable OSP buyer. This person is identified on all related bid solicitations, bid postings, and purchase orders. The OSP buyer is your primary contact.

    PROMPT INVOICE PAYMENTS: All vendors invoices must be submitted in duplicate with following materials: 1) samples of your completed work; 2) a proof of delivery signed by the receiving agency or OSP; 3) (if applicable) documentation of pre-approved author alteration charges; and 4) artwork, film, disks, dies, etc. If any of these items are missing with your invoice it will delay payment. This information is also presented on purchase orders. Please include these materials to ensure prompt invoice payments.

    Government Codes Sections 927-927.10 and State Contracting Manual Sections 7.20 and 8.22 require state agencies to make timely payments on undisputed invoices to suppliers or pay an interest penalty fee. The penalty fee may not be waived, altered, or limited by the state and must be automatically calculated and paid. Normally, payment is due within 45 days from the invoice receipt date.

    SUPPLIER ADVERTISING: Unless otherwise requested by OSP, all shipments are to be made using generic packing materials such as, but not limited to, boxes, shrink wrapping, labels, envelopes, and other related shipping materials. Vendor name and/or logos must not appear on any printed materials.

    BID DUE DATES AND TIMES: All bids, in order to be considered for award, must be submitted to OSP in writing via fax, mail, or messenger by the final due date and time presented in the bid specifications. Late bids or any changes to existing bids after the due date and time will not be considered.

    RELIEF FROM AN ORDER: Suppliers who request to be relieved from an awarded order must submit the request to OSP in writing in a timely manner. This request does not guarantee relief from the contract. Refusal to comply may subject the vendor to the state's General Provisions (Section 13, Rights and Remedies of the State for Default) and/or your company may be removed from OSP bid lists.

    FOB LOCATION: Unless otherwise specified by OSP, all bids are considered to be FOB Destination and should include all freight charges as part of the bid amount.