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The new "2017 State Appointment Calendar" costs $10 per package of ten calendars. Actual shipping charges will be added to all calendar orders for billing purposes.

If you have any questions and or comments regarding the 2017 OSP 101 State Appointment Calendar Edition, please forward your e-mail to

If you have questions about the availability of hardcopy State Standard Forms (STD.), please contact the Office of State Publishing's, STD. Forms Fulfillment Services Unit at (916) 324-4635 or (800) 964-3214.

Shipping Calculations Information

The Office of State Publishing ships all State Appointment Calendars orders via the Golden State Overnight shipping company.In order to receive estimated shipping charges for specific State Appointment Calendar orders, please visit the Golden State Overnight (GSO) website.

Note: Calculated rates obtained via the GSO website will be higher than actual shipping charges. The State of California’s contract agreements with GSO offers less expensive shipping rates which benefits our statewide customers.

Click on link below to access the GSO website:

Follow the steps outlined to receive your estimated shipping charges.

  • Origin Zip Code = Enter the OSP zip code 95811
  • Destination Zip Code = Enter the Ship to address zip code
  • Weight = One package of 10 calendars weighs 1.55 lbs.
  • Total weight - Multiply the weight of a single package by the number of packages on the order
  • Leave the following fields blank - Dimensions, Declared Value and COD
  • Click Get Rates

GSO Ground (CPS) will provide the estimated calculated shipping rate based on information entered for the specific fields. Use these calculated rates as the estimated shipping charges.

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