State Records Program (CalRIM)

The State Records Program (CalRIM) assists state agencies in achieving an efficient records management program; providing leadership and oversight by establishing guidelines including the management of electronic records. CalRIM provides consultations to evaluate the effectiveness of existing programs or to assist in the establishment of new records programs. CalRIM approves and maintains all State agency Record Retention Schedules.

Services Provided

  • Consultations with CalRIM staff in the development of records retention schedules, transfer of authority of records series, provisions for vital records protection, and other aspects of records management with the intent to develop an organized and workable Records Management plan.
  • Semi-annual meetings are conducted for all state records coordinators and interested staff to inform, clarify, share, and discuss program policies, procedures, concerns and issues in a round table setting. Also, Guest speakers present the latest information on technologies available for records and document management
  • Customer representation in the development and competitive bidding process related to Master Service Agreements (MSA’s) and California Multiple Awards Schedules (CMAS) in the records and document management field. These established contracts offer a streamlined process for an agency by providing expert consulting services at the lowest competitive price.
  • Development of guidelines for managing electronic records, and ongoing maintenance of records retention rulemaking files for common use records.
  • Monthly training class provides the Records Management Coordinator assistance in the development, preparation and maintenance of Agency Records Retention Schedules. (Classes are presented the second Wednesday of every month except December). Contact Javier Sanchez at or (916) 322.1729.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Records Management?
Records Management is the professional management of information in the physical form of records from the time records are received or created through their processing, distribution, and use to placement in a storage and retrieval system until either eventual elimination or identification for permanent archival retention
What is a record?
The term “Official Record” as defined in Section 1600 of the State Administrative Manual defines records as “Recorded information, regardless of medium or characteristics, made or received by an organization that is evidence of its operations and has value requiring its retention for a specific period of time.” To have value a record must fall under one of these categories: Administrative, Legal, Fiscal, Research, Historical or Archival.
What's the difference between Archives & the Record Center?
The State Record Center (SRC) provides state agencies low-cost storage, security, protection, processing and servicing of semi-active and inactive records. The records remain under the jurisdiction of the originating agency up until the point the SRC receives the “Authorization for Destruction” at the end of their retention period.

The California State Archives reviews the records retention schedules and "flags" those record series that have archival value. If records are flagged for review by the Archives' State Records Appraisal Program, the records must be transferred to CSA at the end of their retention period. Once records are transferred to the Archives, they become the responsibility of the Secretary of State and no longer fall under the jurisdiction of the originating agency.
How do I lookup a scanned records retention schedule?
All scanned records retention schedules can be found via our Records Retention Schedule Archive powered by SoftFile.
How long do I keep records?
You can find the General Records Retention Guidelines here:

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