Advertising Program

The OSP Advertising Program gives state agencies an opportunity to reduce their printing costs through the incorporation of paid advertising in their publications and mailings.

Services Provided

  • Advertising consultation and evaluation
  • Advertising sales
  • Advertising billing
  • Ad copy handling
  • Translation services

Frequently Asked Questions

What gives OSP the authority to place ads in state publications?

The Office of State Publishing's Advertising Program was first approved in July of 1996 as part of a budget trailer bill. The Advertising Program was part of the performance budgeting that year and has continued to be renewed each year. On September 29, 2005 Governor Schwarzenegger signed SB 828, which permanently grants authority to OSP to accept paid advertisements in state publications. The bill also requires any state agency that was not authorized to accept paid advertising in its publications before the operative date of the bill to use OSP for all paid advertising in its publications.

Can my agency sell its own ad space?

SB 828 gives the authority to print advertising to the Office of State Publishing (OSP). This means any material that contains advertising must either be printed at OSP or come through OSP. Agencies cannot print ads in publications using other vendors unless the job is vended out through OSP's Print Procurement Department

How much revenue can I expect my publication to make?

OSP will evaluate your publication or mailing and current advertising rates based on demographics and circulation. OSP does not charge for the evaluation.

Why would a company want to advertise in a state publication?

Companies that advertise in State Publications will have the opportunity to better target prospects and customers because most state publications are directed to a very specific market. All Californians benefit from this program because it generates funds, potentially millions of dollars, to underwrite the cost of state publications or the need to charge for those publications.

How do I get started?

Contact your OSP Customer Service Representative to set up an appointment to discuss your printing projects and goals. We will ask you to complete an Advertising Questionnaire, which will assist us in finding the advertisers you would like to see in your publication.


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