Information Needed to File a Claim Without Using the GCP Claim Form

Claimants are not required to use the GCP Claim Form so long as they provide the following information:

  1. The name and address of the claimant
  2. The address to which the claimant desires notices be sent
  3. The date, place and other circumstances which gave rise to the claim asserted
  4. A general description of the loss incurred
  5. The name or names of the public employee or employees causing the loss, if known
  6. The amount claimed, including any estimated amount of prospective loss, together with the basis of computation for those amounts. If the amount claimed and/or the prospective loss is unknown, the claimant shall state whether those amounts are believed to exceed $25,000.

The claim shall be signed by the claimant or by some person on his/her behalf.

The claim must be filed with the Government Claims Program along with a $25 claim filing fee or a completed Government Claims Program Fee Waiver Request Packet.

Completed claims must be delivered or mailed to:

Office of Risk and Insurance Management
Department of General Services
P.O. Box 989052 MS 414
West Sacramento CA 95798-9052