School Facility Program (SFP) Data

This data provides the ability to see how much bond funding has been apportioned as well as how it was apportioned throughout the state.

The SFP dataset includes information about applications that have received funding apportionments since 1998.

Project Data

The project data presented is generated with information collected from the Project Information Worksheet (PIW) for new construction projects apportioned State school facilities funding since 2008. This worksheet is submitted by districts three times during the course of a new construction project and is used to collect information on new construction project expenditures and facility components. The PIW dataset contains unique information about the scope of new construction projects apportioned state school facilities funding since 2008. This provides the public the ability to see the result of school construction bonds.

See the PIW Custom Reports (link).

Current Version of PIW Data Reports Presented to the State Allocation Board