DSA/OPSC Process Review Expert Workgroup

In response to the recent Assembly Education Oversight Committee hearing and for the benefit of the State Allocation Board (SAB), we are pursuing a collaborative effort to identify short term, intermediate, and long term improvements throughout the school design and construction process. 

Process Review Expert Workgroup has been assembled to help identify school design and construction process improvements that need to be implemented.

In addition to the primary Process Review Expert Workgroup, six Process Subgroups have been assembled to more closely examine each stage of the California public school design and construction process in order to institute constructive, sustainable changes.

California Public School Construction Process Review - October 1, 2010
The findings and recommendations contained in the California  Public School Construction Process Review do not  represent the exclusive views of the Department of General Services but the collaborative efforts of customers, stakeholders, and subject matter experts.

Memorandum of Understanding between the California Department of Education and the Department of General Services, Division of the State Architect and the Office of Public School Construction.

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