School Facility Program Proposed Regulatory Changes

New and/or amended regulations have been approved by the State Allocation Board (SAB). SAB approval and the effective date of regulations are two different things. Until the regulations become effective, the following is provided simply as a helpful preview for your information.

The timing of when the regulations become effective depends upon whether or not the regulations were approved by the SAB on an emergency basis. Typically, emergency regulatory tracts take approximately 30-45 days to become an effective emergency regulation after they are approved by the State Allocation Board and prior to filing with the Office of Administrative Law (OAL). Non-emergency regulatory tracts take 120-180 days from the date the SAB approves the agenda item until the regulation(s) become effective.

      Multipurpose Room/Gymnasium Hybrid Use of Grants Requests (PDF), 06/05/2017
      Provides regulatory amendments to allow qualifying school districts to use their eligibility for school bond funds for the construction of Multipurpose Room/Gymnasium Hybrid facilities.
      Seismic Mitigation Program and Other Technical Conforming Regulatory Amendments (PDF), 01/24/2018
      Provides regulatory amendments to determine how to proceed with funding applications for Seismic Mitigation Program projects now that bond funds specifically reserved for that purpose have been exhausted and provides technical regulatory amendments as a result of the Board's past action related to new construction application processing.
      1859.2, 1859.51,
      1859.70, 1859.82
      and 1859.93.1
      Form SAB 50-04
      Career Technical Education Facilities Program Regulatory Amendments (PDF), 08/23/2017
      Re-establishes the Career Technical Education Facilities Program and provides additional funding cycles by which school districts and local educational agencies will submit grant applications.
      1859.190, 1859.193,
      1859.194, 1859.195 and